Doggie Camp


Spring is right around the corner. Yeah! I can hardly wait. The Purple Martins have already returned and are busy making their nest in our bird house in the back yard. Lovebirdhouse2 to hear them singing in the morning and evenings. 🙂

New puppy is a bit confused though. All the other birds run from her, but these? They taunt her, watch her from the safety of their post high in the air. Just wait till the baby birds are born and mommy and daddy start dive bombing poor puppy. I’ll be ready with my camera for sure. But it’s only funny when the birds do this to other animals. It’s not the least bit funny if you find yourself the target. Unnerving doesn’t even come close to expressing the feelings that course through your body.

With the arrival of spring, I find myself having to make a difficult decision. Where to leave new puppy.  Am I the only one that finds it difficult to leave their pet for an extended length of time?  We’ve had dogs all my life, left them outside in the cold and rain growing up and I never gave it a second thought. But now that I’ve gotten a bit older, we don’t have to know exactly how much older, the fact our new pup will be left on her own is tearing me up inside.

We are planning our next ski trip and the new puppy will have to spend at least eight long days in a kennel. She’s only 10 months old and hasn’t learned how to entertain herself yet, so I really don’t feel like it’s a good idea to leave her at the house and just have someone come check on her and feed her. This little puppy has stolen my heart in these short ten months.  I’m such a sap. LOL She’s under foot at all times, must know exactly where you are and what you’re doing. I know she’ll be taking good care of, but leaving her behind just seems so wrong. LOL

We’ll be off having fun, enjoying the beautiful snow and ambience while she’s laying in a strange room wondering what she did wrong. No, no, no. Must not think of it like that! A dear friend said to think of it like she’s at a doggie camp, having fun with her new friends. I really like that idea.

Anyone have any tips to help make it easier on the puppy? Shoot, who am I kidding? Anyone have any tips on how to make it easier on me. LOL

P.S. I waited and waited, and tried at least three different times, to get a picture with birds on that house. I managed to sneak a shot and catch one before she saw me.  There are at least 8 Purple Martines I’ve counted so far. Geesh….