Dishing about Dish

I used to be a television troglodyte. There have been TV shows I’ve loved, but I’ve never been a slave to the box. My parents were the first people I knew to get cable back in the 70s. My brothers forced me to watch The Omen on HBO. I saw MTV’s first blast off. There is always a television blaring in my mother’s house. That may be why I have largely eschewed the tube as an adult.

As a young adult I was too broke to pay for expanded cable. I didn’t see the point when, in truth, I’d rather read a book. My hubby has never been much of a television guy. He’s too hyper to sit still for extended periods of time. Our kids grew up with basic cable. I mean, really basic. The cheapest package possible.

Then my husband started warring with the rinky-dink little cable company that services our area. In a fit of pique, he cancelled our service and ordered satellite service.

And I haven’t pried my butt out of the chair since.

I have hours and hours of entertainment literally at my fingertips. I’m not quite sure how to handle this embarrassment of riches. I mean, I shouldn’t be left alone with this remote control. I can’t be trusted. Yesterday alone I watched:

Most of The Muppets

A bit of Finding Nemo

Three (okay, four) episodes of Too Cute on Animal Planet

The Michael Buble special I recorded with the fancy new DVR

Oh look, Apollo 13 is on. Yum, Ed Harris…No, wait! The Wizard of Oz is on!

Auntie Mame! Auntie Mame! Auntie Mame!

Aw! There’s Bridget Jones and Mark Darcy.

Oooh! She’s Having a Baby! I love John Hughes!

Yeah, so…I may never write again.

How about you? Watch anything good lately?