Delayed Everything

SunsetI almost forgot to post this! I’m writing it really fast right before I leave for a 7-hour road trip to Boston, for two of the last three college visits with Number One. I’ll be delayed responding to comments, but I promise I’m not ignoring anyone!

The thing is, I’ve noticed a lot is delayed in life nowadays. Wednesday Keri talked about exercise and almost being 30—hey, Keri, have you noticed the delayed response of your body to that exercise yet? You know, when you go lift weights and feel really good and then a day later, everything is sore. When you get a little older, it takes two days for the soreness to really hit, and then it’s double. You work out harder, but it takes a couple of weeks before you start feeling stronger and are less winded after cardio.

Then there’s the weight thing. My husband just lost 55 pounds, and I lost 17. I speculated during his initial weight loss and then confirmed the pattern with my own. You feel like if you have a really good day, where you eat less than usual and all really healthy foods, and exercise a lot, that you should be down 2 pounds, like, tomorrow. But you’re not down 2 pounds for three or four days, instead. Likewise, when you have a few bad days, they don’t show up as an increase until you’ve convinced yourself there won’t be any negative effects. And then, WHAMMO.

This week, I’ve found the same thing with sleep. I’m normally a 4- to 6-hour-a-night sleeper. I’m a night person who hates to go to bed, but I’ve got a day job that gets me up at 6:30, and a freelance job that sometimes gets me up an hour or more earlier than that. So I’m used to operating on not enough sleep. I catch up a bit on Thursdays and weekends. No biggie.

The problem is that I fall asleep very easily in the car. Yes, even if I’m driving. But I have this trip this week—did I mention that it’s 7 hours? One way. It’s just me and Number One, so whether I’m driving or she is, I have to stay awake and alert. I have tricks (5-Hour Energy is awesome, I listen to audiobooks and podcasts, and sucking/nibbling on mints helps), but I needed to be well rested.

So I went to bed by 10:30 three nights in a row. Monday night, I turned off the light at 9:30. Eight and a half hours of sleep! GOOD sleep, too, without the vivid, detailed dreams that tire me out every night. And yesterday (Tuesday), I was completely exhausted. Like, ready to fall asleep every time I closed my eyes, exhausted. We joked that my body doesn’t know how to handle sleep, but I think it was a delayed response. I felt much better today, full of energy and not at all tired, despite a very restless, interrupted night last night.

Have you noticed the same patterns? What else demonstrates a delayed response?