Dazed and Confused–or What I Did This Summer

I am so sorry—I have been so busy lately that I completely lost track of the days and forgot to post here for two weeks in a row!! That said it made me start thinking about what I have been doing that has kept me away from my computer. That in itself is a big thing—I am usually on my computer a few hours a day, EVERY day! What could I have possibly been doing that I wasn’t here? Oh wait—it’s called HAVING A LIFE. Let’s see—where do I start?

August has been a crazy month for me. I went on two mini vacations and my phone died on both of them, which meant I had to spend money I didn’t really have to replace it—twice. What was that? I had insurance on the phone you say? Um, no I did not. When asked if I wanted to include insurance on the first new phone I decided NOT to—I NEVER do anything to my phones and they usually just die a normal death that any electronic equipment dies after constant use. Two weeks later, as I looked at my phone sitting in a cup of water by my bed on the morning I was to leave on vacation with my husband I regretted that choice…

Along with all the phone drama the fall semester started and my younger daughter was thrilled to discover that not only did she get the classes she had applied for at the local junior college she had also received a Board of Governor waiver. All she has to pay for is her books and her health fee! That was definitely good news because she has been stressing on how to pay for school—her job is so part-time that she barely makes enough to make it worth her while to show up. This was GOOD news! But now she is looking for the books she needs and they are pricey…

I got a letter in the mail from my mortgage company telling me they had sold my loan to a different lender so any payment plans I had set up with them would be null and void on the first of September. Seriously? I had just set up bi-weekly payments that were to come directly out of my checking account—no more worries about paying on time. And now I get to start all over. Wonderful.

I bought a used SUV. We have been looking at Suburbans for several months and I finally found one I could afford so we bought it and used it on our little get-away last weekend. Really like it but holy cow—I put $100 in the tank to fill it up and I am not sure it was full!! At least it gets good mileage on the highway…

The baby that lives with us is visiting her great-aunt for a couple of weeks. Her mom and I sat down and had a heart-to-heart talk the other day and I feel like I have a better grip on who she is and where she is coming from and the tension in the home has eased quite a bit. She seems happier and I find it is much easier to go in her room and talk with her now that we understand each other better.

Then of course there is the craziness that is called work and all the drama associated with that—by the time I get home in the afternoons, deal with the house and everyone who lives here, make dinner, do dishes and the laundry I am beat. Oh, did I forget to mention the litter of puppies currently residing in my husband’s closet? Or the fact that I need to clean out my garage today so I can move all the stuff from the storage unit back into it?

Who has TIME to be on a computer?!! ARGH!!!

So what have YOU been up to this past month? Have you managed to accomplish anything or have you been like me, overwhelmed with just life in general? I’m hoping that with the arrival of September things will settle down a bit here, but I am pretty sure that won’t happen any time soon! So tell me your drama—I need to know I am not alone here!!