D’Alba Diamonds

TexasTango300If you are on social media, you might have come across the fact that I have a new book out. Since we’re all authors, we know how hard marketing and promotion is. There are some great books out there, also trying to get some of the spotlight. So what’s an author to do?

One thing I tried for the first time is a street team. What is a street team? It’s a group of fans who enjoy my books and help get the word out. Today, I want to introduce you to some of these awesome ladies I call D’Alba Diamonds

Kim Rocha

Kim Rocha

I blame Kim Radicy Rocha for getting me interested in street teams. I met Kim at RT13 and immediately adored her. She’s the type of reader and fan we authors dream of. She’s passionate about authors she loves. Kim started BOOKS OBSESSED CHICKS, a readers’ group that started in New York and now how three branches, one in the west, one in Kentucky and one in North Carolina. She was instrumental in helping me get my street team up and going.

Tracey Reid

Tracey Reid was one of my earliest members. She’s an aspiring writer, so she knows personally how hard this job is. She is also the head of the Books Obsessed Chicks chapter in Kentucky. Tracey has set up a time in December for me to meet with this chapter and I’m so excited. 

Paige Gregory

Paige Gregory joined my street team when I asked her to. Paige and I were friends on Twitter long before Texas Tango. Paige is my go-to gal for rodeo and veterinary information. In December, Paige is headed to Las Vegas for the National Rodeo Finals (I’m so jealous!) and taking my promo materials with her. Woot!  Paige does the Rodeo Chats on Twitter every week (www.twitter.com/RodeoChat) and if you haven’t joined in on one of those, you should!

Jill Duffy Purinton

Jill says she’s been reading romance since high school. She’s not an aspiring writer (Says we work too hard!) She joined my street team (D’Alba Diamonds) because I asked her to. (We’ve been friends a long time.) She joined because she liked my books. She doesn’t have a favorite trope and reads all romance genres. She also on Kay Thomas’s street team. Three of her favorite authors are Nora Roberts, Jenny Cruise and Anne Stuart. 

Lori Meehan

Lori has been reading romance for about five years. She loves any story about cowboys, highlanders and secret babies. Like Jill, Lori has no urge to be a writer. She’s creative but not in the way of stories. Her auto buys are Lora Leigh, Donna Grant, Katie Lane, Callie Hutton… oh there are so many. Lol. I’m in several street teams some are for Jess Michaels! Leah Bremael, Sabrina Jeffries, Coreene Callahan, Katie Reus, Chey McCray…


Sandy Butler


Sandy Eve Butler joined my street team after her sister, Regina Ross, told her about it. She’d already read Texas Two Step and was a fan. What more can I ask for in a street team member? 🙂

Regina Ross

And since I’ve mention Regina Ross…Regina was another one of my earliest street team members. She’s been a vocal (Facebook and Twitter) supporter. I don’t have a picture of Regina so I’ll share the Street Team bag each member got.


Melanie Pashon

Melanie Pashon is my newest member. She read Texas Tango and asked to join to help spread the word. Awesome!

There are more members but these are the ones that wanted to be included! I feel so lucky to have these ladies behind me and openly give them credit for any success that I find with Texas Tango!

In the spirit of Christmas sneaking up on us, I’ll pick among the comments for someone to take home a western-themed ornament. Here’s just a sample…

Christmas OrnamentsAnd FREEBIES just for the asking!

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