Cyndi is bumfuzzled…again

Hi all! It’s 12:30 am. I was updating the blog (the Romantics page) and happened to glance over to see who was up for tomorrow. GULP. ME! EEK.  So here I am, gritty eyes and all!  🙂

My high school reunion was weekend before last. Since then, my personal Facebook profile has be ALIVE with posts, and pictures and all sorts of memories. I thought I’d share one with you…

6th grade


This is my sixth grade class! 🙂  That’s me in row 1, back row, last seat.

This is ME:

Me-6th grade

And just two years later, this is how much I had changed!

Sadie Hawkins Dance 3

AND Look at what we won for our “fabulous” outfits! $5.00!!!

So I’m off this weekend for a weeklong writers’ retreat! My editor is expecting 20k on my new book when I get back. GULP. So needless to say, there’ll be some fingers flying!

So what’s going on with you these days?