Credit? Anyone?

Duct tape

Okay, so I’ve talked about how my oldest daughter is heading off to college this fall. How it’s going to be hard for me to let her go. How the family dynamics is going to change drastically. Well, that heartbreaking moment will occur in less than 13 days! Ack!

The initial shock of it all hasn’t hit me just yet, because I won’t let myself think about it. I’m keeping my mind on other things like tennis for my other two, my middle daughter starting her senior year and my son, my baby, heading to high school. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. LOL

We’ve started gathering things for my college bound daughter’s dorm and converted these plastic storage bins into a work of art so they will match her comforter. Duct Tape is one of the new wonders of the world, I tell ya!  Easy and oh so cute! Love them! (If you’re on Pinterest, I highly recommend doing a search on Duct Tape. Some of these creations are unbelievable.) The first part of tuition is paid for, ouch, as well as the outrageous parking pass fee, books reserved, and move in date finally added to the calendar. Gulp.

One issue we’ve come across has me baffled though. Who the heck knew it would take an act of congress to get my oldest a credit card so she can buy things like books and supplies when she’s at college and start building her credit history in the process. I sure didn’t. I had no idea how strict the credit card companies have become. By the time I graduated, I had at least three credit cards and was able to purchase my own car without my parents co-signing for it. I was so proud.  🙂

Now it looks like having a credit history, good or bad is what it takes to get approved. Got bad credit? Okay, they’ll take a chance. See if the person has it together now. But no credit? Now that’s just too big a risk for them to take.  Seriously?

All I wanted was a simple card she could use on rare occasions at school to make my life easier, and for gas. You know for all those trips home she’ll be making. (Don’t laugh! I can hope, right?)  And I’m paying the bill, so there won’t be a problem. She’s had jobs as well as a checking and savings account with a debit card since she was fifteen. I just don’t get it.

But nope. Not going to happen in this lifetime. We are waiting to see if maybe by some miracle they’ll let us open up a joint account together. That way she’ll still build some kind of credit history and be able to make purchase in the school bookstore, but won’t be the sole owner. I’m good with that. I can work with that. Let’s get this ball rolling, that’s all I’m saying. I have too many other things to Giaworry about. Yes, I’m a mess! And we’ve worn the poor puppy out!

I know my daughter has plenty of time to get her credit established. It’s just become an obsession at this point. A challenge I must conquer. LOL So I ask you, how the heck does someone just starting out establish credit? Any tricks I should know about?