Cowboy Christmas

It’s here again.

The Fourth of July—Independence Day, picnics and fireworks and Cowboy Christmas. Two hundred and thirty-eight years ago our country was founded and despite rumors to the contrary, we’re still going strong.



The picnics and fireworks give normal people a way to celebrate with family get togethers and sparklers, potato salad and hotdogs, meeting in the park, on the river or in their backyards.Our_pre-July_4th_picnic_NOLA

Rodeo cowboys and cowgirls do things a little different. They celebrate by getting in their trucks and, for close to ten days, drive almost non-stop to compete at as many rodeos as they can.

It is exhausting, exasperating, exhilarating and so much fun. Called Cowboy Christmas because the chance of winning a ton of money is there for anyone who’s determined enough and tough enough to claim it.


So here’s to the cowboys and cowgirls, whether they’re competing on the professional level, at amateur rodeos or on the Senior-Pro circuit. We’re cheering for you.

For those who are entered over the Fourth of July–Let ‘er rip!

How about you all? Anyone have fun plans for the Fourth?