Courting His Countess

“I have to get away from you.” Thomas, the Earl of Avondale, has made a huge error in judgment. Six years ago he married the lovely Rose, making her the Countess of Avondale at the sweet young age of 16, and then left their marriage bed after uttering these seven fateful words. Rose was devastated that her handsome husband apparently didn’t love her after all, choosing instead to be with his mistress, and now she finds herself in an untenable position. Thomas has returned home to beget an heir and as his wife she is expected to produce that heir. How can Rose even let him near her, let alone sleep with him, when her foolish heart still flutters in his presence despite all the hurt he heaped on it? She has made a life in his family home of Lockhart and now he threatens to undo everything she has worked so hard to achieve. Rose is not ready to forgive and forget, despite Thomas’ insistence that he has seen the error of his ways, and she must keep him at arm’s distance lest her body betrays her and gives in to the thing she wants the most—her husband, in love with her and in her bed forever.

I was thrilled to be invited to review this novella by the author herself and I have to say it was a great read! CJ Archer has a great feel for historical fiction and weaves a wonderful story with interesting characters while staying true to the time period in which they live. I found Rose to be strong and forthright. She understood what was expected of her but that didn’t mean she had to like it or agree with it. Thomas, on the other hand, realizes that he blew the best thing that had ever happened to him and must find a way to rectify that. The story may be set in the 1500’s but the relationship issues are just as fresh today as they were 500 years ago! Men are so often clueless and women must teach them how to behave if there is going to be any hope of a relationship between them. CJ handles these relationship issues with humor and understanding, making her books real page-turners. I have read a few of her stories now and have loved every one!
Courting His Countess is in all formats so get on over to your favorite book seller and purchase a copy today!