Cough, Cough, Sniff, Sniff

This will be short. I’ve been in bed since Saturday. I got up long enough to go lunch with my parents on Sunday (for Father’s Day), then I came home and crashed back in bed. I got up at 10 pm, took my meds, watched VEEP (which is quite funny), and back to bed. On Monday, I got up for 2 hours and back to bed. I got up to watch The Voice and then back to bed.

My overwhelming symptom is exhaustion. My eyes are swollen. My nose is congested. I don’t hurt anywhere, but I just can’t awake.

And my final line edits are late.

Someone…tell me a joke. Cheer me up today. I could use it.

EDITED: I’m feeling much better now than when I wrote this. SO, I want to share this. It made me laugh!

Here’s the full story from GMA. but the short version is that her mother asked for a CAP to be drawn on her head (i.e. graduation cap) but the teenager taking the order misheard CAP for CAT and thus this lovely final product.

Now that I’m feeling better, this will make you laugh. I promise.