Cool Stuff Happening

Lots of stuff going on in my world.

First cool thing to mention: Elaine Spencer from The Knight Agency is now representing me. Woot! Woot! The Knight Agency is fabulous and I am super thrilled to be one of their authors. I have a brand new series Elaine will try to find a happy home in New York. I love the first book and hope readers will too.

Second cool thing: I have finished the 4th book in my SEAL EXtreme Team series, BRING THE HEAT. Look for it this summer to be included in the SEALS of Summer #3 Boxed set. Twelve amazing authors, all NY times Bestsellers, will team up again. I am sooooo excited. My book is action packed.

Third thing full of coolness: I am working on an epic real-life Cold War adventure.  I can’t say too much about it yet, but oh my goodness it is going to be huge. I am interviewing folks now and researching like crazy.

That’s it in my writing world. How about you?

What are my author friends working on? What are my reader friends reading?