Figured the cookie thing would get your attention. See how tricky I am?

Actually, it’s not a trick at all. I have cookies on the brain, and not just because I love to eat the little buggers. No, I can’t stop thinking about cookies because cookies are what I do this time of year.


I have not started my holiday baking yet this year. You see, I’m working on this damn book….

I’ve considered changing the title to Damn Book, but I won’t. I know one day soon I will love this Damn Book again, but at the moment, Damn Book and I are at a bit of a standoff. It wants to keep going, but I want to wrap it up. So, yeah, I’m blaming the Damn Book for the lack of cookie baking in my house. And the lack of decor. Or presents procured.

Damn Book.

As a matter of fact, I’m blaming Damn Book for everything, including these torrential rains, the hole in my sweater, and the fact that I’m feeling a bit fluffy today.

It’s good to have a scapegoat.

Still, I have cookies on the brain, so I thought I’d share one of my favorite recipes with you. Are you ready? 

Lime Cooler Cookies!


Lime-flavored cookies may seem a bit unusual for the holidays, but they have been a huge hit since I added them to the cookie repertoire some years ago. Luckily, my close personal friend, Betty Crocker, has a nice copy of this recipe on her website (CLICK HERE), so I’ll link that instead of scanning my splattered, stained, and much loved copy.   

How about you? Have you got this whole holiday thing under control? Have you ever considered a career as a personal shopper or holiday decorator? Do you work for cookies? I’d bake some for you, if I could ever finish this Damn Book!