Consent to Love by Abby Wood

 Consent to Loveby Abby Wood
* I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

Twenty-four-year-old small-town girl Ana Reynold serves beer at the local bar, tries to keep her beater car running, and dreams of a better life as a painter. If she can learn to make a decent steak, she might get promoted to cook—and earn enough for her real heart’s desire. Right now, that doesn’t include romance.

But when she meets a tall, dark and sexy Native American man named Kane, Ana can’t take her eyes off him—or stop thinking about him. But she’d better. Everyone knows the proud Lakota who raises horses wants nothing to do with a townie barmaid who’ll bring shame to his people.

Except Kane can’t get Ana off his mind. He proposes a red-hot weekend in bed, a no-strings affair to end Monday morning. Yet once Kane brings the outsider onto Lakota land, everything changes…

Ana is a small town girl, born and raised. She works in the local bar as a waitress but is hoping to move up to cook when she completes her cooking lessons.  She paints as a hobby but would love to be able to take lessons and paint full time.  She doesn’t have confidence in her paintings until one sells at a gallery in New York and they ask for more.  Her heart’s desire may be closure than she realizes but what is the cost?

Kane is a Lakota Indian that truly believes his place is on the reservation with his people.  When he was young, he moved off the reservation with his woman but he never dreamed the problems it would cause him.   Ana is different but he is afraid she will grow tired of the reservation and regret her decision.  He regrets pushing her toward her dream, will she ever forgive him?

It is obvious Ana is from a small town.  She enjoys the simple things in life and the slow pace of her town.  People may be small minded but they come together when needed.  She likes working at Chum’s bar but she doesn’t make enough.  She has no desire to leave the town or her people; she would just like a little breathing room.

When Ana first meets Kane at the barn raising, she can’t believe this sexy man is talking to her.  She isn’t looking for love but she is enjoying the attention she is getting from Kane.  Ana lacks self-confidence but she is intrigued with Kane.  She wants to get to know him better and when he offers her a no-strings weekend, she takes him up on his offer.  Neither realized the impact they would have on one another.

Kane is a sexy Lakota Indian that loves his people, land and beliefs.  He tried to move away when he was younger but disaster followed, bring shame to his people.  He swore he would never leave again.  He believes he is meant to marry a Lakota woman but there is something about Ana that he can’t get off his mind.  She is smart, funny and beautiful but oblivious to her appeal, if only she could see herself the way he does.

These two are made for one another.  They both have issues that they will have to overcome before they can have a life together.  She lacks self confidence in herself and he helps her see that she is value.  He needs to overcome his belief that if he leaves Lakota land, bad things will happen.  You see them both grow and adapt as the story progresses.

The author does a fabulous job of describing life in a small town, including the small town beliefs.  You are drawn into the story and become invested in the characters.  The secondary characters are limited but add to the story.

Overall I enjoyed Consent to Love and give it 4 Flaming Hearts.