Confession of a Romance Writer I love commercials, particularly . . .

I’ve been known to start a Facebook thread about favorite commercials. My favorite of all time is the Geico Pothole commercial. I think it’s so creative and funny. I think Flo of Progressive is a goldmine for the company, and wonder how long her reign will last. Probably when Flo retires?

So, as you can see I pay attention to commercials. If I’m watching a Hallmark movie, you can bet I’m sitting on my sofa crying at the commercials.

Where my husband flips through the channels at commercials (which is why we don’t often watch TV together) you can probably see they hook me. They don’t necessarily make me want to go out and buy, (sorry marketing people) but I do love to see how they’re put together, and the short stories that are sometimes behind them. Watched any prescription commercials lately? The COPD commercial with the elephant on the chest? Subaru, the Love Commercials? Those are great and I’ll wager they encourage a lot of consumers to buy Subarus. (And I’m so grateful I don’t have COPD).

But I’m a Baby Boomer, approaching the . . . And as I’ve gotten older, okay this is another confession – so have my preferences in men. I like older men. When someone posts a hot guy in his twenties, early thirties, and says, ladies. check this out I confess staring at those photos feels a little strange to me.  My son is that age.

My writing has changed a bit, too. In The Past Came Hunting my main character was in his 40s. He’s a police lieutenant. In Deadly Recall, okay, Kevin Dancer was in his early thirties, but the heroine was in her late twenties. And in Betrayed I appease my mindset by having two love matches in the book a couple in their late twenties, and a couple in their late forties.

What can I say? Mature people interest me. They have a lot of experience behind them.
Which brings me back to my love of commercials, particularly the Viagra spots. (Sorry to digress) The guy who’s building a fire? He’s older and so cute! The guy who works in a printing press, and the press breaks down, he fixes it, then texts his wife and tells her he’ll be home soon? Wow, I love him. And again these commercials tell a story. Theirs is a perfect world of a committed couple (about the same age) growing old together and no longer suffering from erectile dysfunction! Isn’t that great? 🙂

So thank you for allowing me to confess I love the Viagra commercials. Don’t know if they help sell the product. Maybe. I don’t think Viagra’s going away anytime soon–but I sure do enjoy the view.

So here are some questions for the day. Do you prefer men/women your own age? Like ’em younger, older? Attraction happens??? Do you have a favorite commercial? Or can you easily go do laundry or make a snack run when they come on.