Conference Time!

I guess really it’s the wind down of conference season. I mean, Romantic Times was in April/May or thereabouts and RWA was in July. There was also Authors After Dark and Lori Foster and countless others, but for me it’s the start of my conferences.

On Thursday I’m headed to Ellora’s Cave Romanticon in Canton, Ohio and then in May 2014 I’m going to Romantic Times in New Orleans.

So for me, I’m looking at it as my starting point, even though it might be the wind down for some.

I’m so excited about going to Romanticon.

The first time I attended Romanticon was in 2011 and it was the second conference I had ever been too. The first was RWA Nationals in 2008 when it was in San Francisco. The two conferences are like night and day.


I was petrified about Romanticon. Don’t ask me why, I’ve been writing for Ellora’s Cave since 2007, but I’m shy. Painfully so. Unless I know you.

I couldn’t believe how many friends I made in 2011 and I’m so excited to go back and Canton, Ohio is an easy drive for me. It’s only about 5 hrs from where I live. I just wish it was during the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend and my 11th Anniversary. Oh well. This is business and my family understands. I just can’t go next year! LOL

Especially since next May I’ll be gone 9 whole days driving down to New Orleans with Leah Braemel. Are we nuts? Just a bit. Good thing I love her so.

So I’m really looking forward to Thursday. To reconnecting with my old friends, meeting new friends and having fun.



Me with the Cavemen in 2011.

What about you? Are you a conference goer? Are there any conferences you can’t miss?

And if you’re in the Canton, Ohio area on October 13th from 12-4 p.m. at the McKinley Grand Hotel.  I’ll be at a massive Ellora’s Cave book signing. Drop in a say ‘Hi’!

Or you can follow mah tweets @ruttanamy

As for me…I have to finish packing!!!!