Commercials and Infomercials

TexasTwist72lgFirst – A little housekeeping. Yesterday I celebrated that reveal of that awesome cover to the left. Gulp. As Pam Hearon told me, the Cover Gods have been good to AGAIN! But I told her, it’s all the virgin sacrifices that works.

As part of the release, I had a Rafflecopter drawing. Since one of the winners is on my street team, I went ahead and picked THREE winners! WOOT. So who won?

Kimberly Dawn – Customized Tote Bag
Lori Meehan – T-Shirt of her choice (she’s a D’Alba Diamond. More info here)
Lisa Carlton Guertin – Texas Tango T-Shirt

AND I gave away a coffee mug to someone who left a comment on this blog yesterday. I went to for the winner: The winner is #19 – MAGS! (i.e. M.A. Golla)

Congrats Ladies. Please contact me cynthiadalba  at

Now, on to commercials and infomercials…Sometimes the TV runs and I don’t really listen to what’s on. Do you do that? But the last couple of days my TV was left running after the noon news and the next 30 minutes was a paid ad (i.e. infomercial). Yesterday’s was

I really wanted to buy that but as you know you have to wait around until the end to get the price. $135! GASP. I didn’t order one at that price. I even found it online at “only” $99.99 but still.

When it comes to favorite television commercials, it’s hard to bet Budweiser ads, especially those run during the Super Bowl. Now that I think about it, I haven’t seen any of those ads since! Millions spent on development and more spent on placing the ad during the Super Bowl and nothing since? hmmm But really, does anything beat dogs and horses?

In February, I ran a rotating ad on a FAMOUS AUTHOR’s blog site. It ran for 2 months. If you saw that ad, tell me where and I’ll enter your name in a drawing for prize (I’ll give the winner a choice!)

So tell me:

  1. What is your favorite ad? Put it in the comments
  2. Have you ever bought anything because of a commercials or infomercials?
  3. Do you watch infomercials?

Congrats again to the winners from yesterday!