Comings and Goings…

I got up this morning and headed for my coffee pot and realized it was Saturday and I had a blog to write. I have been off work since the beginning of September while I recover from some minor hand surgery. In any other profession I would have been back to work but because there are restrictions on how much weight I can pick up/push/pull I can’t drive a bus so I am off until my doctor releases me.

I don’t know how those of you who work from home do it. I have no idea what day of the week it is, what the date is, or what’s going on in the world. The only reason I even know it’s the weekend is because my husband stays in bed until noon instead of rolling out at about 9 am to head to work!

I promised last week to tell you the story about the newest member of our family, but today I am also going to tell you about rehoming  one of my many dogs to a new family.

Rehoming is a big deal. I think I have mentioned before that I do a LOT of rescue–dogs and cats mostly but I have also gotten a horse or two over the past couple of years. Sometimes I end up keeping the animal but mostly I find them a good forever home. It’s a great feeling matching a homeless or unwanted animal to a family who needs them in their lives!

Cash, the dog I wrote about last week who was stolen from me, came from a litter I raised when my husband’s miniature Dachshund, Halle Weenie, and my Pomeranian got together and had pups. I never fixed my male Pomeranian because he was a show quality dog and I really wanted to find a nice female to breed him with so I could have another Pom when Tavi got older.  Halle came to us as a rescue and we had no idea if she was fixed or not. Well, SURPRISE! She wasn’t and we ended up with four pups. Halle was a TERRIBLE mother and we fixed her as soon as we could so we wouldn’t have to deal with her again, but the pups were beautiful and I found homes for them without any trouble.  All of them, that is, except the little girl.

Princess was given to my adopted daughter for her birthday with the understanding that when she got on her feet financially she could take her home. I expected to have the pup for 6 months tops, but as time went by I realized that a dog was more than my daughter could handle and I decided to find Princess a different home. The person who wanted her kept flaking out on me and so I finally posted her yesterday on a group I am a member of on Facebook. It is a local rescue group for dogs and cats who are lost or found and we try to locate the original owner or help find a new home for the displaced animal. Anyone on the page has already been vetted pretty much so I knew it was a good place to start. I got an immediate response and after chatting for a bit I realized I had found the perfect home for my little girl.

So this morning it was with mixed emotions that I handed Princess to her new mom and said good-bye. The woman who is taking her is older and is home all day and wanted a companion dog. She lives on her daughter’s property and her grand-daughter (who is 5) comes to visit every day and is going to absolutely fall in love with her new puppy! I have already been told her name will be changed–which is fine with me–and she will either be Elsa or Anna, one of the princesses from Frozen! I gave my little girl a kiss and wished her well and watched with a smile as she was snuggled in her new mom’s arms as they drove off. I think she is going to be very happy in her new home!

As for our newest member. I think you all remember my beloved Tango and how I lost her. I had already mentioned to my husband that I wanted another tiny dog–I really loved my little pocket puppy–and had started looking  a little before Cash went missing. My cousin kept telling me to go to the pound and adopt a dog, because as soon as I did I would find Cash.

So I went. And I looked. There was a litter of Chihuahuas that wasn’t ready to go yet that I was interested in so I kept going back to look at them. In the aisle of small dogs that were already approved for adoption was a small, wiry-haired black and tan pup that seemed overwhelmed by her surroundings and crouched in a corner of the kennel watching everyone come and go with big sad eyes. I noticed her and my husband told me to look at her but since she wasn’t a Chihuahua I wasn’t that interested.

A week went by and I took my 2-year-old grand-daughter with me to check on the Chihuahuas again. They were supposed to be released that day so I thought I would go and see if they were available yet. They still hadn’t been processed, and as DriDri and I walked through the kennels looking at all the hopeful faces I noticed a woman coming back in with one of the kennel volunteers and they had that wire-haired pup. She put her back and I was surprised that she hadn’t been adopted yet. Since I had nothing better to do, and I felt sorry for the little scruffy thing, I asked if I could see her.

They brought Babes, her name at the time, into the visitation room. Since she was so tiny I decided it would be better to sit on the floor instead of the chair. As soon as I did she ran to me and curled up in my lap. Okay–she scored big points right there! When DriDri grabbed her and squeezed her as only a toddler can all the pup did was wag her tail and lick her. I was gone. I picked her up and I started to cry. It was the first time I had cried since Cash had gone missing and I had lost Tango. She just felt right in my arms and I knew I couldn’t leave her there. I took her to the front desk and asked what I needed to do to take her home, handed over my debit card, and she became mine.

She has now been named Jacki Daniels. My husband says she is Jack Daniels illegitimate sister, which made me laugh. She is very smart and uses a potty pad, which is great because I won’t allow her in the back yard with the pool! JackiD loves her toys, she loves the family, she loves the other dogs and cats, and she loves me. Cash and she get along well and he has even started to play with her! She was the perfect dog for us. I can’t believe I was lucky enough to get my little Jacki before someone else scooped her up! before

If you are thinking of adding a new pet to your family, I would  like to strongly suggest checking at your local animal shelter first. There are so many loving dogs and cats who just need a chance and all they want is a loving family they can call their own. It breaks my heart to see all those wonderful faces and realize that many of them won’t ever leave the cage they are living in. I can promise you a shelter animal will be the best pet you will ever have! Adopt, don’t shop! sweet babyJacki bogarting toys from Gannon(This is JackiD, bogarting all the toys!)