Coming Out of the Dark

Aftershocks FinalFor the past couple of years, I’ve been doing a small weekend writer’s retreat with two friends in February. This was our third year (plus an added weekend last October), and it was the best one yet. We rent a cabin on a creek that’s surrounded by open land but is actually only about five minutes from my house. It feels way far away, though! They have big cushy mechanical recliners and big windows, so the place is full of light even on dreary days. And this weekend was super-warm and sunny! So we got a hint of spring. All three of us kicked butt with our writing/revision/brainstorming/planning.

I even came up with a new book idea thanks to a Whitney Houston song that got stuck in my head. The song is driving me nuts, but I’m excited about the book. (Seriously, I didn’t even HEAR this song, and it won’t be kicked out even by Jason Manns, Straight No Chaser, or Big & Rich. I sing and listen to other stuff, and half an hour later it’s back. SO annoying!)

This mid-winter retreat is perfect. I always seem to be frazzled by the day job, so getting away helps me reset and recharge in addition to focus on writing. The days just keep getting longer from here, the weather nicer (mostly), so I feel as if I’m coming out of the darkness. I can start thinking about upcoming events, like the BIG retreat in May, our vacations in July and August (we’re making up for several years without, and one of them is more of a family reunion), and my nephew’s wedding in September. It’s all good stuff, and I can start looking at it with a positive focus instead of a fretful, depressive one.

I also have some fun author events coming up, too. A booksigning at my favorite local bookstore in March, and two library events in April that I was invited to participate in. (Always flattering to be invited!) AND I have a new book to promote at both events! Aftershocks is a stand-alone romantic adventure that’s a cross between the movies Sweet Home Alabama and National Treasure. I’m excited about it, and a little nervous, because it has a love triangle and some people hate those if the heroine picks the “wrong” guy. 🙂

So how are you all on the cusp of spring? (Or fall, as the case may be for those down under!)