Coming on Strong by Tawny Weber

Coming on Strong by Tawny Weber
* I purchased a copy of this book for my personal library*

When Mitch’s new hotel falters, he needs a pro. Enter the It Girl of event planning: the traitorous, damnably sexy Belle. Time for some red-hot revenge!

But Belle has her own secret agenda for her ex-fiance. And in the meantime, she’ll enjoy how Mitch still makes her legs–and every other body part–deliciously quiver.

But it’s strictly business between them this time. At least it is…until Belle decides that the best sexual revenge goes both ways!

After leaving Mitch at the alter six years ago, Belle is about to come face to face with him again.  He’s looking for an event planner for the grand opening of his new hotel and she is looking for help for her father’s failing business.  She is willing to risk everything, even her heart to convince Mitch to help her father out.

She and her best friend Sierra have been working hard to make their party planning business a success and this job for Mitch will put them on the map.  She has the perfect idea for the resort but she has to convince him first that making his hotel an elite sexual retreat for the rich and famous will make it a success.  She just has to get the contract for Eventfully Yours.

Belle has a history of failed relationships all because of Mitch.  She has never gotten over him and now she has the opportunity to make things right with him.  If they become business associates with benefits, that’s ok with her.  She isn’t willing to risk her heart but she is looking forward to getting to know him again.

Mitch has been working out all the details for his luxury resort but he still needs help with the grand opening event and promotion.  When his assistant suggests he hire Eventually Yours, all the memories of the last six years come flooding back.  He has never forgotten the day Belle left him at the alter and wouldn’t mind a little pay back.  He is determined to make his resort a success while protecting his heart this time.

The sexual chemistry between Belle and Mitch is evident from the first time they are together.  They both have unresolved issues dealing with their past relationship but each one believes they were the one wronged.  In reality, they were both wronged and it wasn’t by each other.  Every time they get a few minutes alone something always goes wrong.  I loved these two together and couldn’t help but hope they would work things out.

Not only does Mitch have to deal with his feelings/issues with Belle but it appears someone is trying to sabotage his grand opening.  The mishaps start out small and are more like annoyances but soon they start to escalate and cause delays.  His cousin is helping with security and suspects Belle might be behind the problems at the resort.  I loved the twist at the end, it was perfect.

This is a sexy story that was a lot of fun to read.  I loved the chemistry between Mitch and Belle and when they finally work out the logistics, they are hot together.  The addition of Sierra and Reece was a nice tease for their book.  The story takes place in a luxury resort with sex themed rooms and play areas, how can you go wrong with that.

Overall I enjoyed Coming on Strong and give it 4 Flaming Hearts.