Coaching Your Soul by Jamie K. Schmidt


Jennifer Fusco here.  I’m happy to say that I am on vacation this week.  A real, no phones, no internet, non working vacation. So, in celebration of all things lazy, I asked my pal, Jamie K. Schmidt, to hang out at the blog on my behalf today.  So, please welcome Jamie, and I’ll be seeing you guys next month!

Coaching Your Soul by Jamie K. Schmidt Jamie K Schmidt author photo (1)

I’m the type of person that will actively look for spoilers on the internet. Before reading the book Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier, I asked my mother — “Does he die at the end? Because I’m not reading that if he dies.” The one time I wasn’t looking for a spoiler, my six-year-old son told me the SURPRISE moment in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The little guy heard about it from a friend at school. Still, it didn’t ruin the movie for me. In fact, I got to watch it and look for all the clues that lead up to the big reveal. I watched the movie The Sixth Sense twice, back to back, so I could see how I missed the big AHA moment.

I also look for spoilers in my own life. I go to psychics. I collect Tarot card decks. I have an Angel deck, a Fairy deck, and have asked a question and then picked a random book off my shelves, and turned to a random page, random sentence for my answer. Ever done this?

For example, “What should I be looking out for in the future?”

I grabbed the nearest book — OK the second nearest.

The first nearest was I can Read! The Best Chef in Second Grade by Katherine Kennah. That answer was “Great job!” Which would have been cool, if my question was “What will my next Amazon review say?” Second nearest book was Nora Robert’s The Pagan Stone. Nothing like going to La Nora for advice, right? “What should I be looking out for in the future?”

Page 134, “I’d say you lack the experience to sit out here thinking I should shrug all that off and have myself a real Oprah moment with the old man.”

Ouch. Nora doesn’t mince words. Now the interpretation can be whatever pops. I could take the first part of the sentence and think, “Gee, maybe I should get some experience. Go back to school. Get that MFA.” Or maybe the focus is at the end of the sentence and it’s telling me to have a sit down talk with my Dad.

However, for more clarity in defining my future plans or what I should be obsessing over this week — aside from Jamie Fraser in a kilt, I use Soul Coaching Oracle cards by Denise Linn. So I take a deep breath and ask my question again, modifying it to “What should I concentrate on to fulfill my destiny?” Then I shuffle the card deck and pick a card that feels right to me. I picked out “Courage.” The quote on the card says, “I live life passionately and courageously.” Then I looked up the card meaning in the book.Aside from the obvious, it said “Throw your shoulders back, step forward, and take a risk”, and “Courage doesn’t mean that you aren’t afraid; fearless means just that: fear less. Acknowledge that you’re frightened and take action anyway!”

Now the hard part is trying to figure out what that means. Of course, right away I think I should quit my day job and write full time. But while that certainly would take courage, Visa and Mastercard might have some words with me if they don’t get paid on time. The one thing I can say about my employer is I get paid every other Friday, like clockwork.

Maybe I should confirm with my psychic? Ask me a question in the comments and I’ll pull a Soul Coaching card for you.

Jamie K. Schmidt has a contemporary series with Random House’s Loveswept line called “The Club Inferno” series. Book one, Heat, has been called “hot and steamy.” Her paranormal romance series with Entangled’s Edge line is called “The Emerging Queens”. Book one, The Queen’s Wings, is touted as “funny, smart and sexy.” When Jamie’s not asking the universe for advice, she spends time on the Connecticut shoreline with her husband and son.

THe queen's wings