Christmas 2012

I love Christmas! I love decorating the tree, the traditions, the sense of anticipation. I love spending all day in the kitchen baking. I love the idea of taking cookies to the neighbors, family and friends. But Christmas this year felt a little complicated.

As a child, we spent every Christmas with my grandma. On Christmas Eve we opened one present. It was usually pajamas or something    like that.    The odd thing? Which present to unwrap was our choice. I still don’t know how she did that.  On Christmas morning, we had to eat breakfast, scrambled eggs and sausage, before we even opened one stocking. Oh the anticipation! Then we’d sit around the tree and my grandfather would pass out presents.

Then I grew up and had children. I kept as many of the traditions as I could. I let the kids open their stockings before breakfast, but no presents. It gave them something to do while I cooked. (My grandma would wake up at the crack of dawn–me? Not so much.)We have scrambled eggs but usually bacon, pastries, and an orange/banana smoothy. One year I tried to switch things up and make pancakes. All the kids protested. Christmas breakfast is scrambled eggs, they insisted. And my kids don’t really like scrambled eggs.

As the children grew, circumstances changed. Because of the blended family (his mine and ours)  we have kids with three Christmases to celebrate. This year, we had Christmas on the 22nd because it was the only non work day we’d have all the kids together.

You know what? It was pretty awesome.

Not only did we keep all the traditions. The 24th and now 25th are completely free to kick back, visit friends, bake cookies, enjoy new toys. We spent Christmas eve with my inlaws and are spending Christmas evening with my uncles. So far, it’s been kinda relaxing.

When I think about it, it’s not as complicated as I made it out to be. It doesn’t really matter what day we celebrate Christmas on. It’s being together, sharing and making memories.


So Merry, merry Christmas everyone. I hope you holiday season is full of love, friends, and family. I know it’s Christmas but if you get a chance, why don’t you share some of your favorite traditions with us.