Chasing the Lost by Bob Mayer

I realize that this is a blog site for romance, etc, but I truly think that if you come across a really great book you should share it with as many people as you can, so here I am to share!! And technically there is a little bit of romance–well, okay there is a little bit of SEX– in this book, so I should be able to post it here, right?!  So saying let’s get on with my review, shall we?!

Oh. My. God. I just finished reading “Chasing the Lost” by Bob Mayer and I cannot begin to tell you how absolutely amazingly good this book is! I’m a little mad right now because I had this awesome review all written out and I was just fine tuning it and suddenly “blip” it was gone… There are days I really hate technology–I can only think that if I was still using a Remington typewriter like I use to in the old days this would have never happened but I can’t dwell on it so I will just have to write it again!

I have been following the progress on this latest installment of a series that Bob Mayer started awhile back on Bob’s blog site, so it was a great thrill when he offered to send me an ARC of “Chasing the Lost” to review for him. I jumped at the chance to be one of the first to read it and so it was with great anticipation that I downloaded the e-pub version into my Nook and sat down to enjoy this much-anticipated sequel to “Chasing the Ghost”.

To understand where I am coming from, let me just say that I have no military background whatsoever, other than a godson who was in the 82nd Airborne, Special Forces, who served his time in Iraq with honor. I also possess a handgun license, which required me to learn a little bit about calibers of guns and how to handle and load/unload an automatic safely without putting a bullet in my foot or anyone else for that matter. Otherwise most of this military jargon is just so much mumbo-jumbo to me, but Mr. Mayer does such a fantastic job of describing and explaining the various artillery used in this book that I can practically envision all the high-powered weapons employed by our heroes and villains. Mr. Mayer’s military background, expertise, and know-how adds greatly to both the plot and believability of the storyline because he writes from a place of “I know this–I’ve been there” that few can claim and it comes through in every line.

“Chasing the Lost” begins with Horace Chase and his attempt to retire from the Special Ops branch of the military where he has spent the better part of his adult life serving his country in whatever capacity they have chosen for him. Having inherited a dilapidated house on Hilton Head from his mother and a dog from a more recently deceased relationship in Colorado, Chase moves to the island with the vague idea of finally living a normal life. When he considers the fact that nothing about his life has ever smacked of “normal” it comes as no surprise to him, really, that before he has spent 24 hours in his new home he has already been threatened by a mildly deranged neighbor, rescued a strange woman from would-be kidnappers who shoot his dog, and become embroiled in a deadly game of cat and mouse with the Russian mob, kidnapping, and high stakes online gambling.

Chase realizes that in order for him to rescue Sarah’s son Cole from the kidnappers he needs a plan of operation as well as a team to back him up. Enter Dave Riley, also former Special Ops, who has retired to the islands and is now running his deceased uncle’s bookie operation. Together he and Chase bring together a rag-tag team that includes Chase’s ex-girlfriend-from-high-school-turned-veterinary, her friend the ex-Ranger, and an island native Gullah who has his own axe to grind with the Russian mobster they are pitted against. Together they must pull off the impossible–a live extrication from a well-armed Russian base of operation on an outer island that must remain off the record or face possible legal back-lash from the government they have sworn to protect and serve. The chance of success is slim, and the chance of survival even less.

To say that this book kept me on the edge of my seat is an understatement! I was fascinated as I followed the twists and turns of this fast-paced thriller. I took copious notes on my Nook as I tried to out-guess Mr. Mayer’s next move, and yet I was still behind the game when I came to the last chapter. The final showdown at the end completely blind-sided me and I was left gasping in astonishment when the true culprits were finally revealed. Wickedly good is all I can say, and I applaud the masterly way he kept his hand hidden until the very end. The only thing that I was disappointed in was that I had finished the book and now must wait impatiently for the next installment in this series!!

I wish I could give this book more than 5 stars, so I will give it the five stars it deserves and another five stars on top of that! Scheduled to come out on May 7th 2013, I urge you to not wait until it hits the shelves of your local book seller but to pre-order it NOW!! “Chasing the Lost” is story-telling at its best and I do not think I am far off when I predict that Bob Mayer has another best-seller on his hands!

Chasing the Lost