I have a million things to do. The pump to the pool needs to be torn down and cleaned and reassembled because it’s not doing its job and my pool is quickly turning into something I would expect the Creature from the Black Lagoon to come crawling out of any minute now. My house looks like an episode of Hoarders and we won’t even talk about the garage! We USED to be able to park a car in there like most normal people–now I am lucky if I can find a place to park a scooter!

My daughter is running into the house at 747 am trying to throw on clothes and fly to work at 8 am after spending the night hanging out with friends. My other daughter is still sleeping after she and I spent a late night out at the county fair. I found out Wynonna Judd was going to be there and I just had to go! I had plans of getting everyone together to clean the house today and go through the piles of clothes and stuff laying about but I got a phone call a few minutes ago and now I am dressed and getting ready to head into work myself, since I told them yesterday “Well, if you REALLY need me…”

And to top it all off, one of my dogs just had puppies yesterday afternoon right about the time I was getting off work. We didn’t even realize she was pregnant and my son calls as I’m getting off my last bus of the day to tell me she has a pup. Good Lord! So I rushed home in time to watch her deliver two more healthy pups, cleaned her up and got her comfy in a box in the closet. Thank goodness she is a MUCH better mama than her own mother was (hmm, seems to be that way with some humans I know too!) and I was able to leave for the concert at the fair with a clear conscience and no worries.

But really. What am I doing going to work when my house is in a total state of CHAOS? Because it will be all overtime and I need the money since Baby Girl’s 21st birthday cost me a little more than I planned and we also have that whole Vegas trip planned for October that I also need to pay for…

In my case, CHAOS stands for more than just crazy and total upheaval. CHAOS is also an acronym for Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome. It’s the state of being that your house gets into when you look around it and realize you don’t want anyone walking into it and seeing how you live! Everyone has different levels of tolerance for a messy house. I’m sure for some a few dust bunnies and socks on the floor constitutes a major melt down, but for me those dust bunnies have taken on lives of their own and have families that aren’t just trying to live under the dressers any more. With several dogs living in the house the dog hair alone becomes a monumental problem and trying to keep up with the hair at this time of year when they are all shedding becomes a daily task of Herculean proportions. One that apparently neither of my daughters is able to conquer or even attempt from the looks of my floors this morning! And dusting? Hah! Don’t even get me started!

So what does it take for you to have CHAOS in your home? Are you a tidy person or can you deal with a little dirt and clutter and still be comfortable? I know that when many writers are on deadline everything else gets put on hold while they frantically finish up those last edits and send them off to their editors. Do you have any great ways of maybe keeping up the house AND getting the rest of your life in order? I could use a few pointers here folks!

O look at the time–gotta go!  Please post some tried and true cleaning tips! I need all the help I can get! You know, if I work one more day a week I might be able to afford that maid….

PS–here’s a picture of mama and pups… Oh and one of Miss Wynonna Judd, because she is amazing a beautiful!084047Have a great weekend!