Changing Lanes…

I have been considering changing careers for some time now. As you know I looked into management positions at the company I am currently employed with, went to a couple of interviews and got great feedback, only to be told that they don’t hire managers directly from the driver pool… Since my husband and I are employed in the same division I cannot move up to a supervisor position and so I am stuck.

I was asked several months ago to be the manager of a rock band. I laughed and declined because hey–bus driver here! What do I know about managing a rock band, right? My life is complicated enough without trying to manage four guys in England!

Well, recently I was asked to manage another artist.  There is a trend here and I am not sure what these guys see in me but I decided instead of brushing it off I would do some research and see what “managing” an artist requires. Surprisingly it doesn’t take that much–not in the sense that I need to go to school and get a business degree or anything. A foot in the door seems to be the biggest requirement–you have to know somebody to get your artist heard, etc…  after much thought I decided that I truly believe in this young man and I decided to step up and help him.  I am involved in music in our area and so getting studio time and finding musicians to create the band won’t be difficult for  me. I also spoke with the band in England who are looking to tour California next summer and have been doing some research on venues for them to play at while they are here. It doesn’t cost me anything to do all this but some time and a few phone calls. Easy stuff for me.

Then the truly amazing thing happened.  My friend who has the band in England hit me up on Facebook Messenger the other day and told me he had finally got his own record label fully functioning. I was very excited to hear this–this guy is incredibly talented and has so much drive!  then he asked me if I knew anyone here in America that would be interested in signing with a new label. He was looking for talent and wants to expand to America right away since he already has several bands in the UK signing up with him. I was surprised and decided that it was now or never so I told him about my artist. He said he wanted him. I asked if he wanted a sample of what he can do and he said “I trust your judgement always”.  Wow, right? I did end up sending him a song that my artist composed and sang and he was even more determined to have him on his label!! We chatted after that and I was offered the position of promoter stateside for the label and the band and I decided to accept. I mean what the heck right?!

Obviously I am not quitting the day job. We are still working out the contract for my artist–my friend was very generous in percentages–and now I have to arrange studio time, help choose the songs for his EP, get a good band together, find a place for them to rehearse, and get some good venues for them to play locally to get their name out. Meanwhile I am looking into venues for both bands to play this coming summer, and since I drive a bus for a living I am thinking I may just take my vacation all together and take a month and drive them myself.

So I have gone from being a run-of-the-mill bus driver to being the manager/promoter/top roadie for two rock bands in a week… Life certainly likes to throw me curves and this one is a doozy!!  This new chapter in my life has started with a bang–can’t wait to see how the story plays out!  It may all come to naught or it could take off. I am also looking for new talent for the label in America so I get to advertise and listen to bands for them…  How cool is that?! I will be taking my son and my oldest god-daughter with me for that–he is a musician himself and she use to promote bands in her area in Washington and they both listen to very different music than I do and can give me an honest opinion if the band is good or not…  My god-daughter is also a gifted photographer/videographer and I am going to be hiring her to do some music videos of the bands we find and she is going to teach my oldest daughter to do it as well. See how that works? Keep the kids employed as well!

I will be sharing how it goes with you all as the weeks go by. If nothing else I am going to have fun! Wish me luck! And if you are interested in hearing my friend’s band go to You Tube  here:  This is their newest release. The video was shot on their mini tour last summer here in America. Enjoy!!

Angelo Tristan cover