Change of Seasons

DSCF3519So my Twitter and Facebook feed are full of people taking their kids to college, lamenting the fact they haven’t yet bought school supplies and farewelling summer. Me? Well, I’m just coming out of the coldest winter we’ve had in 26 years and the worst case of flu I’ve had in about, oh, 26 years! Down here, we are more than ready to kick winter to the curb and embrace spring!

Ah spring! I live in southern Australia so spring for us means GREEN. I mean the summer green of Wisconsin; that lush, vibrant emerald color that lifts you up and gives you hope. I love and treasure it, because once the first heat hits in November, we go burnt brown for months. I lived through four summers in WI and I never got over the awe of a green summer.   Spring also means GOLD! 440px-Acacia_pycnantha_Golden_WattleThe wattle is out, it’s cheeky, friendly yellow contrasting so boldly with the glossy, deep green leaves of the acacia. Green and Gold are Austraslia’s national colors and we only get to see them for about three weeks each spring!

Spring is also the canola crop; more green and gold and very soon the paddocks will be rippling with golden canola and the lift it gives me is palpable. Spring does have its downside though….the garden suddenly shows me how much winter neglect has taken place and how much word needs doing and doing fast….mulching, spreading pea-straw… the list is long but spring sunshine propels a girl outside and with an audio book on my phone and earbuds in my ears, I have a IMG_0513lovely time out in the garden.

Whether it be spring or autumn/fall, the change to the ‘tween seasons are a fave time of year for me.  What about you?


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