I don’t handle change well.   When the change involves computers and occurs right in the middle of writing a book, it sends me over the edge.

Welcome to my world this past week.

Two years ago, I was in the middle of writing  a contracted book.  One morning, I turned my laptop on to find a blank screen.  AUGH!  I can assure you that few things are as scary to a writer as a blank screen, and like Chicken Little, I went around screaming about the sky falling, convinced my world as a writer was coming to an end.

My husband rushed me to the computer hospital (aka Best Buy) where the Geek Squad diagnosed the problem.  The good news was that it was the monitor–it was shot.  The bad news was that it was the monitor–it was shot.  I could continue writing and everything I wrote would be saved–I just wouldn’t be able to see what I wrote.  The computer would have to be sent off .  I was looking at an estimated turn around time of a month.  A month I didn’t have.

We rationalized that the little computer had done its job well, faithfully performing its duty day after day for four years.  It didn’t owe me anything.  We sent it on its way and promptly went to the back of the store and purchased a new one.  The little  laptop would be a backup singer when it returned.

Fast forward to last week.

For several days, I would open my laptop to a weird creaking sound.  Last Monday, there was no creak.  It had been replaced by a loud pop, followed by an ugly separation of parts in the bottom right-hand corner of  the MONITOR!  The hinge was broken and the pressure was pulling the monitor apart.  We debated the options.  I could avoid change–but I could never close my laptop again.

(Go back and reread paragraphs 1-3)

All of my data was backed up on an external harddrive, and a  former student, whom I prayed didn’t remember that time I yelled at him in the 8th grade, transferred my work-in-progress to the little, old laptop.

But even though the little laptop was familiar, change had to occur.

Did I mention that I hate change?


The sound you hear is me banging my head–but carefully avoiding the monitor.


Your turn!  What about technology causes your blood to run cold?