Celebrating My Wedding Anniversary

Twenty-six years ago today, I married my elementary school sweetheart. Yes, you read that correctly. Elementary school, as in I was smitten at the age of ten. Who wouldn’t be? Dark, thick hair, intense golden-brown eyes that can see through to my heart, super shy, best dodge ball player on the playground…

Before you get alarmed, I didn’t marry him in fifth grade. No, I waited until he grew into a finely chiseled specimen of a man. Hehehe. And the fun part? Well, it’s all been fun parts, except for a few itsy-bitsy hiccups along the way.

He is my best friend, the father of my amazing boys, my rock, my wide shoulders, my love. Basically, he is my true-to-life hero. And yes, I do know I am blessed. I thank God everyday for my hubby and kids.

Do I use some of my husband’s fine qualities in my fictional heroes? His strength, intensity, sensitivity, stubbornness, the passion? Um, I plead the fifth. 🙂

Is he perfect? Heck, no.

Do we argue over stupid things? Who doesn’t? Oh my gosh, when is he going to stop leaving the wet towels on the bed?

Would I marry him again? Every year for the next million. I love my dodge ball boy. With all of my heart.


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Happy holidays!

Kimberley Troutte