Can You Define Success?

Missys.Ipod.2.2422I’m not sure why I decided to write on this topic today. I guess because I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to me lately. I didn’t make New Year Resolutions this year, I decided to have a New Year’s Revolution. (To read that post click here.)

To be perfectly honest, I worried I might live to regret that decision. I mean, no goals? No list of things I wanted to get done. But I love lists! Don’t worry. I’m happy to report the experience has been quite freeing. I’m writing more, enjoying time with friends more, and even finding time to get all those daily chores done. Shoot. In my tiny part of the world, this is a very successful start to the New Year. I’m happier, more productive and content. Can’t ask for anything better than that.

Still, I wanted to see what the definition of success was. You know, to see if I was on the right track. Boy, searching the internet I found lots of definitions out there and all of them proved one thing.

Success can’t be measured.

No, I’m not drinking, although a strawberry margarita sounds really good at the moment. LOL

What I mean is, success can’t be locked down to one specific thing a person can do to obtain it. It means different things to different people. All those stressed people out there, working their tails off, chasing after the next big thing that will make them feel successful are, in my opinion, missing the big picture.

Whatever excites you, makes you smile and feel good about yourself is what really makes you successful in life. When you find joy in what you are doing, even those difficult moments don’t seem so bad and you push forward through it all, growing and becoming a stronger more rounded person in the end.

For me, knowing that my kids have grown into fine young adults is enough success to last me a lifetime. It all happened so fast. As many of you have already heard, I have one in college now and another one getting ready to head off in the fall. Thankfully, my son is only a freshman in high school this year so I’m not going to be an empty nester for a few more years. Thank goodness!

If there was one thing I wish my teenage kids could grasp early on in their young lives, it would be that money and material things will never be enough. Never. So just in case they might happen by the blog and read this post by their dear old mom, I’m leaving them this message.

Enjoy every moment, take those risks, be brave with your life, but don’t be stupid.  🙂

Any advice for the younger generation you like to share? Or how about your definition of success?