Calling the Shots (Long Shots #4) by Christine d’Abo

Calling the ShotsCalling the Shots (Long Shots #4) by Christine d’Abo
* I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

He’s had a wild ride, and now sex club owner Josh Scott is looking for a change of scene. But first, he’s determined to bring two friends together, and he’s willing to be a third wheel to move things along…

Beth Norris is eager to be set up with hot bartender Oliver Stephenson, but she’s equally attracted to matchmaker Josh. Soon she’s fantasizing about both men at once—and about being the one to call the shots in the encounter…

Ready to move on with his life post-divorce, Oliver is conflicted by the realization that he’s attracted to women and men. Or more specifically, to Beth and Josh. He tries to keep his distance, but it’s not long before the chemistry between the trio combusts in a night of mind-blowing sex.

In the light of day, it’s clear something deeper than desire is growing between Josh, Beth and Oliver. But though Josh has helped others find love in unconventional relationships, is he willing to take a chance on one himself?

Josh may be comfortable with his sexual preferences, not everyone in his life has shared that sentiment.  He has been carrying around the scars of his childhood for years and has always held everyone at an arm’s length.  His pride and joy is his club, Mavericks.  He designed it himself to ensure that no one would ever have to be embarrassed or ashamed to explore their sexual needs and desires.  Now the club is under attack and Josh’s past is closing in on him, will he finally let the two people that love him in?

Beth loves her job as Josh’s assistant and would do anything in the world for him.  He saved her when he gave her a job and she is good at it.  She has started having fantasies about not only Josh, but their sexy bartender Oliver too.  She has a policy of not mixing business with pleasure though after getting fired from her last job.  There is just something about those two though that would make her reconsider her stance, now if she can convince them to play too.

Oliver has been struggling with his life since his wife cheated on him and took all his money.  He has been working as a bar tender and avoiding her like the plague. He has become fast friends with his bosses and admires them both.  For the first time in his life, Oliver is questioning his own sexuality and Josh and Beth are just the right people to help him explore his needs and desires.

I was so excited when I found out we were going to finally get Josh’s story.  I feel in love with him in Double Shot, Paul and Sadie’s story.  Paul is not only his business partner but also his best friend and he has been in love with him for years.  He is happy for Paul but he seems a little jealous of the relationship between Paul and Sadie.  He wants that for himself but doesn’t think he deserves it because he will only bring heartache to the people he loves.  I love that he is confident in his own desires and needs but is selective who he plays with.

The club is his world and he will do whatever it takes to keep his members safe, while allowing them to try out their most secret fantasies.  He doesn’t want anyone to go through what he did as a youth, everyone is safe there.   His mother called him names and tried to brainwash him through her religious cult until his dad rescued him.  His past has left him broken, at least in his opinion and he doesn’t feel like he deserves to be happy in a relationship.  It takes losing his club and life to realize that it is worth taking a risk on an unconventional relationship with Oliver and Beth.

I think my favorite thing about this story is that really each one of them comes with a lot of baggage.  Josh has his history, Beth has a poor track record with relationships and Oliver’s wife cheated on him and cleaned him out.  Each one thinks they are too broken to desire a chance at happiness but after one incredible night spent together, they begin to hope and dream.  They are good for each other and bring out the best in each other; I am glad they found a way to make their relationship work.

I found the scenes inside Mavericks interesting.  I personally don’t know anything about sex clubs and found the descriptions fascinating.  It gave me an insider’s perspective of what goes on and all the things you can experience without being offensive or too much.

I love this series and I think this was my favorite book so far.  I give Calling the Shots 4 Flaming Hearts.   4 Hearts