Bring me no bears

We have one hard and fast rule in this marriage: No teddy bears. Ever.

Now, before you jump all over me, I’m not saying the little furry guys aren’t cute. They’re adorable, okay? They just aren’t me. Never have been a bear girl, and now that I’m bearing down on forty-five, I’m betting that’s not about to change.

My reason for telling you this is that I have a confession to make…I gave my husband insider information. You see, I wanted him to be the one. I wanted us to work out. I wanted it bad enough that I gave away the key to my relationship litmus test.

If a guy I was dating ever presented me a teddy bear, I gave him the old heave-ho.

Didn’t matter what the occasion. Ursine cuteness had no bearing on the ultimate decision. If the man I was seeing didn’t know me well enough to know I didn’t like teddy bears, or didn’t want to put forth the effort to give me a token of his affections that I might actually enjoy, then he wasn’t the fella for me.

That’s why my man gives me little charmers like this guy, who sings Muh-nuh, Muh-nuh:

And this little fella, who chases after his prey screaming, “Kissy kissy!”

As you can see, he took the lesson to heart. That’s why he’s still my Valentine.

How about you? What’s the best thing your beloved can give to prove their love for you?