Boots and Promises (Ugly Stick Saloon #2.5) by Myla Jackson

Boots & Promises #2.5
Boots and Promises (Ugly Stick Saloon #2.5)by Myla Jackson
* I purchased a copy of this book for my personal library*

A cowboy can’t possibly be happy in NYC, can he?

Ella Lang followed her dream to be on stage all the way to New York City, with the approval and support of the love of her life, Jesse O’Brien, a genuine, died-in-the-cowhide Texas cowboy. For months, Jesse has pounded the pavement and has yet to find a job befitting a man used to horses, boots and wide-open spaces. Though it breaks her heart, it’s time to cut her lover loose and let him mosey on back to the Rockin’ O Ranch, his roots and the family and horse he loves.

Look out Ella, this cowboy has other plans…

Ella can’t believe all her dreams are coming true and that her cowboy is there beside her.  She is worried about him and feels guilty because he just doesn’t seem to be happy in New York.  When she stumbles across a little blue box she makes the decision to set him free so he can go back home to his ranch.

Ella loves Jesse more than life itself and it’s killing her to see him so unhappy in New York.  He followed her there to support her and her dream but he just doesn’t seem to be fitting in.  She is enjoying her time on the stage but she feels guilty about all the time she has to spend away from him.

Jesse left his home and family to follow Ella to New York and he doesn’t regret one minute of it.  He doesn’t fit in with the New Yorkers but he has a plan to fix that, it’s just taking a little longer than he hoped.  He wants to be there for Ella but he knows that he needs to have a purpose there too.  He is ready to settle down and make a life with her, if he can convince her not to run away.

I loved this short story and can’t wait to read the next installment in this series.  Ella and Jesse are a sweet couple that love each other to the point that Ella is willing to risk her happiness for his.  The ending was fabulous, I loved how Jesse’s plan all came together in the end.

Overall this is a fun short story that introduces us to the Obrien boys that fill the pages of the next book in the series Boots and Bareback.  I give Boots and Promises 3½ Flaming Hearts.   3.5 Hearts