Book Brain

9780373069958I’m just about to turn in book #6 for Harlequin Medicals. It’s due October 15th, but I got it done and I have to say given the last little while, that’s quite a feat. And I say that I’m just about to turn it in because I’m rejigging the synopsis. Blech. I hate writing synopses at the best of times, but since the book has changed since I did the proposal I have to rework the synopsis. *shakes fist to the sky*

It was when I was rejigging I remembered it’s actually Tuesday (this past weekend was Thanksgiving up here in Canada) and I had a post here.

It’s been a wee bit stressful around here to say the least.

OH and I had my 4th book DARE SHE DATE AGAIN? with Harlequin Medicals come out.


So I have book brain. Big time. I think after I turn in my book I’m going to do some purging of junk (that always makes me feel better) and knitting.

I’m making Outlander arm warmers courtesy of Smart Bitches’ pattern. I’m almost done one arm.

Usually I take a couple of weeks to recover, but I don’t have that luxury this time. Book #7 is in a quad with three other authors and we have to plan our world and make sure our characters etc are all connected.

At least they’re understanding about book brain. A couple of them have it too at the moment.

Writers do you suffer from book brain? How do you bounce back?

Readers, you guys are worth the book brain! HUGS!