Bodyguard Of Lies by Bob Mayers

This book has been out for a while, but it is such a good read I thought I would share it here….

Bodyguard of Lies is the story of Neeley, a woman who discovers that all is not as it seems in her world. As a teenager, her lover gives her a package to take on a plane and she realizes that it is actually a bomb. Enter Gant, a mysterious dark man who very calmly disarms the bomb and takes Neeley to live with him. Ten years later he is dead and Neeley is left holding the clues that will keep her alive–that is, if she is smart enough and resourceful enough to figure them out.


Hannah Masterson’s entire life disappeared, along with her husband and all of their money, and she has no clue why. She is left with nothing but memories, and she is even questioning them as to whether or not they were real. Gant’s death and Masterson’s disappearance start a chain of events that brings the two women together in a fight for their lives. They have to learn to work together and trust each other, even though they come from very different backgrounds, if they want to survive. And always in the background is the mysterious Nero, pulling strings and watching how things ravel…


I highly recommend this book if you love mystery, intrigue, and some ass-kicking heroines! I loved the fact that Bob Mayers chose to write a book about strong women who can take care of themselves without having to rely on a man to do the dirty work.  The sequel to it, Lost Girls, continues the story and would be a great follow-up to Bodyguard.