Rise of the Amazons plus FREE BOOK

Bravery Not Included


I’m taking on National Novel Writing Month, again. I have sold seven stories and self published an additional two novels and yet I have never won NaNo. This year, despite the day job, freelance work, and promotion tasks, I am determined. Okay, determinedish. I even wrote this post on Halloween so I could focus on my writing today. If you spot me this month I’ll be carrying a notebook to snatch a few words during my lunch break. I’ll be living off the good graces of my patient family who will pick up the slack on cooking and doing dishes. They’ll gladly tell you that it is nothing new.

Though this feat is herculean it is not heroic. To me heroism involves service, sacrifice, kindness toward others. Heroic people inspire me, make me feel reassured that the world is a good place, can be a better place. Perhaps that is why I write about men and women currently serving in the armed forces, police departments, or even just volunteering their time to end breast cancer. These are the people deserving of recognition.

Bravery Not Included, which is FREE until Sunday on Amazon, includes all of that. That is why I dedicated it to my mother, my first Amazon and hero. You see the word Amazon means ‘without breast’; some old belief that warriors removed girls breast at birth to make them better archers. Mom had breast cancer fifteen years ago. Fighting through chemo and radiation gave her five more years to meet grandchildren, travel, and support her loved ones. She was heroic.

The second book in the Rise of the Amazon series, Some Assembly Required, will finally hit the digital shelf this Friday. That book is dedicated to my father, a Boise City Police officer for twenty years. He set the bar pretty damn high.