Blood Moon On the Rise – Guest Post by Lauren Smith

Today we welcome Lauren Smith to our internet home. Make her feel welcome! Lauren was one of the generous authors who donated a story for the Wild At Heart Anthology, a fundraiser for Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. Take it away, Lauren!

Settings can make or break a story. Where an author sets their characters can affect the plot and even the characters themselves. When I began to write my paranormal series I couldn’t imagine a better place than the city of Detroit. I lived there for three years while I went to law school and despite the fierce reputation of the city, I fell in love with it and it became a home away from home. I couldn’t have picked a better place than a gritty no-nonsense place to set the headquarters of my paranormal hunter society.

Often, as I drove to class I would see a huge edifice in the distance. The old Michigan train station. It was a beautiful ruin, decadent and full of splendor even in its decay. I loved it and yet it hurt me to see it in such a fallen state. I couldn’t help but wonder how it might have looked fully restored.

Here’s a picture of the old train station

Detroit Train Station - Smith

And that was how it began. I envisioned it completely updated, outfitted with technology and filled with people. Men and women: hunters and trackers all with the purpose of hunting down supernatural creatures who were a threat to humans. The Brotherhood of the Blood Moon was born. In my Brotherhood universe, the train station has a spell cast over it that makes it look like a ruin to outsiders, but when the hunters and trackers pass through the enchanted wards around the property the ruins are revealed to be the headquarters.

Young man with tatoo in the smoke. MagicI wanted to give readers a glimpse into a world where magic and danger lurked behind every corner but I also wanted to show the personality of a city that I’ve grown to love.  I hope readers will enjoy stepping between the pages of Blood Moon on the Rise.


Tamara wants nothing more than to protect the world from deadly paranormal creatures. Well, maybe she wants a little more than that. But the man she craves—Nicholas Rubin—is strictly off limits.

For years, Nicholas has been her loyal partner, helping to defeat murderous werewolves and take down unruly vampires.  Nicholas has always given Tamara his protection, friendship, and support. The only thing he hasn’t given her is his love. A relationship between Tamara and Nicholas is forbidden by ancient law, and the consequences could be deadly.

But when a powerful Sorceress threatens both their lives, Tamara has a choice to make: Give into her feelings for Nicholas, and risk her life. Or take a chance on Nicholas, and receive his love—at a price.


Tamara glanced at Nicholas. If only things were different… But, no, things would never be different. She couldn’t let herself dwell on the cuteness of his shaggy brown hair, or the strong nose and chin that were godlike in their perfection. It was a crime that she’d never get to stroke his washboard abs and ride him hard until she couldn’t walk.

Tamara licked her lips hungrily. In all of their years together, they had never even kissed, but there was a fire between them, or at least it felt so to her. She’d had fantasies of course, dreams so real that she’d woken up wet between her legs and yearning for Nicholas in ways that were forbidden.

For her, hunting would be a lonely path, and she’d always known that choosing it would mean denying her heart’s desire. She’d never wanted anyone else the way she wanted him. They spent so much of their lives wrapped up in each other, protecting one another and hunting were-creatures, that trying to maintain a relationship with someone else was impossible. Try explaining to your average man that you had to bail out of a date early because a rogue pixie-lord was sexing his way through the city. Yeah…That never ended well.

It felt wrong to her, that she and Nicholas couldn’t be together, that the Brotherhood deprived them of what happiness and comfort they might find in each other’s arms. Knowing that she might have to sacrifice Nicholas’s life for the greater good, and that he might have to do the same, turned her blood to ice water in her veins. What difference would it make if he was her lover or her friend? The pain would still be unbearable.

If only they could walk away from the life. Sure, a person could retire from the Brotherhood, but the work seemed to follow you home no matter what. Besides, both she and Nicholas were born for this. Their families were centuries old, with hunters and trackers dating back to the original Brotherhood. Walking away from the job wasn’t possible, not if she wanted to keep her family’s respect.

“Tamara?” Nicholas broke through her thoughts.

“Yeah?” She cleared her throat, trying to erase her thoughts of him touching her, claiming and possessing her in deliciously-forbidden ways.

He hesitated in responding. “We’re here.”

Tamara let Nicholas help her out of the car and up the steps to their apartment. They both cast anxious glances about, but the night shielded them from prying eyes and anyone who might wonder why she looked like she’d picked a fight with a werewolf and almost lost.

Nicholas’s arm bracketed around her waist, his muscles hard and strong against her body. She resisted the urge to lean her head against his shoulder and breathe in the scent of his aftershave. It wasn’t fair. He shouldn’t smell so good, not when she wanted him so badly.

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