Blank Page…

It’s Saturday morning, and as usual I have my required mug of hot coffee sitting on the desk as I gaze out the living room window and ponder what my blog will be about today.  For once all the little dogs are still in bed instead of curled up in my lap or under my feet. The weather here in California is dreary, cold, and foggy and even they don’t want to get out of my nice warm bed! So I am starting my day alone with just my coffee and my thoughts for company.

As I went through my morning ritual of choosing which coffee I would like to enjoy I realized I had absolutely no idea what I was going to write about. Usually I have some inkling, some spark in the back of my mind of a topic that you all might find interesting, but today I was completely blank. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. But I continued getting my coffee ready, hoping that once the caffeine hit my system it would stimulate my creative juices as well as clear out the cobwebs that were leftover from a decent night’s sleep. At least one could always hope, right?

Of course, now that I have actually sat down my little cat Sapphire has decided that she MUST have attention RIGHT NOW! I am sure that any of you that have house cats can relate to the difficulty of trying to type with an overly affectionate kitty in your lap/on the desk//walking on the keyboard… Also difficult to see the monitor while she is up here so hoping I am not making too many errors!

Anyway. Where was I? Oh yeah, inspiration for my blog. A blank page both on the screen as well as in my head. As a writer I don’t think there is one thing more exhilarating nor more terrifying as that first blank page of any story we are seeking to tell.  We’ve thought about the characters for a while now. We have done our research. We’ve written an outline or maybe have just roughed out some of the major plot lines and we are ready to finally start telling their story. We sit down at our computer with our coffee or favorite beverage of choice, our notes sitting in a neat pile ready to be referred to as needed, and we place our fingers on the keyboard expecting to create magic and….  Nothing.  Our muse apparently didn’t get the message that TODAY IS THE DAY and she failed to show up for the party. So what do we do? We turn on some music, we shuffle our notes and re-read some of the more salient points, walk around the room, and try again. Still nothing.

Now what? How do you deal with that blank page?  Do you panic? Walk away and try again tomorrow? Or do you just start writing, hoping that whatever you write isn’t total garbage and something can be salvaged from it?  What do you do?! Please share how you conquer The Blank Page!

Apparently the coffee and kitty love inspired me this morning! Now I am off to drive a bus in circles on this cold and dreary day. Oh joy. Hoping you enjoy your Saturday much more than I will be!