Binging on Togetherness

IMG_20141126_180308716Number One came home from college tonight (Wednesday night, when I was writing this, way too tired to project forward and pretend it’s Friday). She had spent almost 11 hours on the train, and we went straight to dinner at Red Robin (driving in about 4 inches of snow to get there). After dinner, we came home and played Phase 10.

For nearly three…freaking…hours.

I’ll explain a little for those who are not familiar with this card game. The cards look like Uno cards. Four colors, numbers 1-12, plus Wild and Skip. There are 10 phases. Each phase has a goal, like 1 run of 4 + 1 set of 4. So you have to collect, say, 1+2+3+4 and 6+6+6+6. Once you have those, you set them down, and then try to get rid of all your other cards. Each time you meet the goal of the phase, you move on to the next phase. There are 10.

Three of us played the other night. The highest score (you keep score of what’s left in your hand in case of two people winning the last phase) was 355. Tonight, we played close to 20 hands. The high score was 855.

It was great fun. Lots of laughter and teasing and stories and competitiveness. But Number One kept saying “I’m so tiiiirrrred.” By the end, Number Two repeated several times that she wanted it to be over but she didn’t want her sister to win. Right now, we are all in separate rooms and glad to be there. (Family of introverts, doncha know. 🙂 )

I think we burned up all the weekend’s togetherness in one go.

There was a lesson there, though. I mean, of course there was, right? I went 13 hands before I was finally the first one out of the hand. I was 2 or 3 phases behind everyone else. Number One spent three hands at phase 10 while I caught up and then beat her. So obviously, the lesson is to never give up, never surrender (name that movie, and I’ll give you a free book!). No matter how unlikely the odds are of winning, how many obstacles appear to be in front of you, success is always possible.

I hope everyone in the U.S. had a fantastic Thanksgiving, and the rest of you had a great Thursday. Have a good weekend!