Between the Lines by Ivy Bateman

Between the LinesBetween the Lines by Ivy Bateman
* I received a copy of this book from Breathless Press in exchange for an honest review*

Lara Munroe is perfectly fine with the characters in her books having better sex lives than she does, until the night she meets Devin Monaghan.

When erotica writer Lara Munroe heads down to the ballroom to take part in an extravagant book launch, she has no idea her path will finally cross with political writer Devin Monaghan. He’s smart, sexy, and roguishly handsome, and the chemistry between them is instantaneous. Lara feels her natural guard slip whenever she lays eyes on him. The thought of a night with Devin becomes more than a little distracting.

Devin, who could have any woman in the crowd to share his hotel bed, quickly sets his sights on Lara. He finds her alluring, beautiful, and intoxicating, and his attraction to the erotica writer had started long before their first encounter in the hotel elevator.

Lara and Devin have their careers to think about, a busy evening ahead, and very little chance for verbal communication. However, that doesn’t stop them from coming together. They are both authors, and words are their greatest medium, but even they know that when it comes to figuring out how to get exactly who you want, it could be as simple as reading between the lines.

Laura leaves the sexual exploits up to the characters in her books but just once she would like to let her hair down and have a little fun herself.  While at a book launch party she runs into a fellow writer and sparks fly throughout the night.  Devin has been the center of Laura’s fantasies now he is within her grasp if she is willing to take a chance.

Devin is at the launch party for his new book when he runs into Laura in the elevator.  She is stunning and he is tongue-tied and doesn’t know what to say to her.  He read an article about her in a literary magazine and was intrigued enough to go out and buy some of her books.  While outside for a cigarette, he runs into Laura and things start heating up where she surprises him yet again.

Laura is not typically adventures when it comes to sex, she leaves that up to her characters but when she runs into Devin there is a connection and she wants to take advantage of it for once.  She decides to be a little daring and decides to go commando under her dress, she just never expected things to go the way they did that night.  She is doing things that the characters in her book are usually caught doing, but she is having the time of her life.  He has unlocked something inside of her that has set her free.

Devin is known as the bad boy at their publisher company and never has any problems finding company.  At the party, he is continuously fending off the attention of a buxom red head sitting next to him that can’t take no for an answer.  He only has eyes for Laura and continually steals glances at her throughout the night.  He knows it’s just for the night but hopes that they can continue where they left off in the future, starting with a little conversation.

This was a sexy short story about a woman gaining her sexual freedom and not being afraid of asking for what she wants/needs.  I loved it because they are both writers and they both seemed to be at a loss for words at times throughout the story.  They danced around each other all night until they finally came together and when they did it was magic.

Overall I enjoyed Between the Lines and give it 4 Flaming Hearts. 4 Hearts