Best Friends Who Are Boys

Nuj summer 1988Not long after I was born, my mother’s best friend had a baby, too. His name was David. We became best friends, and were such until I was about 9. Whenever our moms got together we played. I can’t remember much about what we did, except for one thing. We loved The Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman, and we acted out those characters all the time. My little brother had to be Oscar Goldman. He still brings up that trauma all. the. time.

When I was nine we moved across the country and back, and our moms grew apart, I guess, and we didn’t see each other any more. I recently reconnected with David on Facebook, for a bit of a nostalgia trip.

I had female best friends ever since, but in high school there were always guys I was friends with. My senior year, I moved from Massachusetts to New York and everything was so different! The cool kids were also the brains and the brains were also jocks, and they all hung out with the goths and the theater kids! It blew my mind. I fit in for the first time, and there were MANY boys I was close friends with for the year and a half we lived there.

A couple of those boys, at different times, became more. I won’t go into details. 🙂 But those friendships, those relationships, really shaped who I am at a fundamental level.

I think that might be the reason that “friends to lovers” is my favorite romance storyline. I’ve only tackled it twice as an author, though. Once in Kira’s Best Friend, and once in my newest release, Hearts Under Siege.

A guy friend brings a very different perspective than a female friend does. It can be more complementary. Bring more balance to a person’s personality. A woman can act differently with a guy friend than she does with a female friend. It’s not better, but it’s definitely special, and I think it’s pretty uncommon.

A lot of people think romance can ruin that friendship, whether because you fall in love with someone who doesn’t trust it, or because you fall in love with each other. I believe 100% that a platonic friendship is completely possible. I’ve had some! That said, there is nothing more delicious than two people who know and care about each other completely falling deeper into love. In fiction, it’s even better when it’s in extreme circumstances!

Such as in my book, Hearts Under Siege. I did mention that just came out, didn’t I? 🙂 It’s best friends who are also spies learning new things about each other while they investigate a brother’s suspicious death. AND for a very limited time, it’s only 99 cents! You can NOT beat that price. We’re talking full-length novel, folks, over 90,000 words. Good deal, yes? 🙂

Details are below, and check out the Rafflecopter for my blog tour here (a Rafflecopter giveaway). In the meantime, How do you feel about the friends-to-lovers romance trope? How about male-female friendships in real life?

Hearts Under SiegeBrady Fitzpatrick has spent a decade burying the pain of a broken heart while working for SIEGE, an information-gathering spy agency. That it kept him away from his family as well as his best friend Molly has been an unfortunate side effect. But when his brother, also an agent, is killed during a foreign op, Brady is drawn into a web of intrigue that threatens the lives of everyone he loves…

Molly Byrnes has loved Brady forever. As his best friend and a de facto member of the Fitzpatrick family, she holds them together in their crushing grief. But as a member SIEGE’s ground team, she doesn’t buy the official line about Brady’s brother’s “accidental” death and launches her own investigation—only to uncover a shocking secret that she and Brady must get to the bottom of before their target finds them.

Tangled emotions land them in bed together, opening Brady’s eyes to the incredible, fearless woman who’s been there for him all his life. But after a lifetime of disappointment, how can Molly trust the possibility of a future with him…or if they can count on any future at all?

Hearts Under Siege

by Natalie J. Damschroder
Romantic Adventure/Romantic Suspense
Entangled Ignite, 2014
ISBN 13: 9781622664948

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