Hello Gang! Seems like it’s been AGES since I posted! 🙂 Heather was scheduled for today but her computer died. WAAAAA

How many of you feel like this? 

I know I do after two days…okay THREE days of non-stop eating! A stuffed turkey has NOTHING on me! 🙂

I have a poll question for today…readers, authors, anybody and everybody can weigh in. When you see an online author contest and you just HAVE to enter, would you rather win…
1) an online gift card (say for $5)
2) a print book
3) a digital book (i.e. ebook)
4.) a physical prize (i.e. jewelry, gadget or something around $15-20. I NOT talking about winning an iPad or Kindle or Nook. )

If none of those, what do you like to win?

I JUST finished a month-long book release blog tour for TEXAS TANGO and gave away cowboy-themed Christmas ornaments as blog stop prizes and 5 pieces of jewelry and a personalize Texas Montgomery Mavericks Street Team Bag (Big and canvas.) I don’t have another book out until February but thinking about what would interesting or unique prizes faithful followers could win.

Weigh in. What do YOU want to win?

OH! If you still haven’t picked up Texas Tango (book 2 in the Texas Montgomery Mavericks Series) then check your favorite online bookstore or click one of the links below:
Amazon | Samhain  |  Barnes & Noble  |  Kobo