Banging the Rust Off Your Tin Roof

Last week hubby and I were watching a funny skit on Saturday Night Live that really made me laugh because I saw myself so in it so plainly.  the couple was getting a divorce and they were meeting with their lawyers.  They would be going at it hard, at each others’ throats, when a song would start playing and they both would immediately start to dance.  Nothing could stop them from dancing during that song even though they were in a public place and should have been far from a dancing attitude.

But it got me to thinking how there are certain songs that, when I hear them, I have to move–no matter that I might be in a public place.  It’s like when I hear them I HAVE to dance.

The one that causes the strongest compulsion is “Love Shack” by the B-52’s (hence, my allusion in the title).  That song hits every nerve in my system–in a good way.  Even buckled into my seat belt in the car, I can manage to get in a fairly decent five-minute workout from the waist up only, of course,  if I’m the one driving.

Second would be “It’s Raining Men” by The Weather Girls.  At the annual Harlequin bash on Friday night during the Romance Writers of America National Conference (which is coming up in San Antonio next week!), it’s always one of the first songs the DJ plays and it draws every woman in the place onto the floor–quite an amazing sight!  Any time I hear that song, it takes me back to those fun galas, and, no matter where I am, in my mind I’m back on the dance floor with 300 of my author sisters!

Third would have to be “Footloose” (the Kenny Loggins version).  For that song alone, we had had the soundtrack to the first movie in vinyl, 8-track, cassette, and CD.  It’s one of the best dance songs ever, and when it’s playing, I’m on the floor with Kevin Bacon with no degrees of separation!

There are others, of course, but none that grab me as hard as these three.  So, am I weird? (Well, yes of course, I am.  I’m a writer).  Or are you like me?  C’mon—confession is good for the soul.  What is THE song that turns you into Jennifer Beals in Flashdance?