Bah Humbug…

I am not in the mood for the holidays. I am decidedly not in the mood for shopping with hordes of rude people who run you over with their strollers and shopping carts whilst hurrying through the stores trying to get their hands on that last-minute gift they forgot to buy or haven’t been able to find.  There is a reason why during most of our 30 years together I have let my husband do the gift buying for our family and friends. If I can’t shop for it and purchase it online I’m not buying it. Period.

In case you haven’t figured it out by now I am not a holiday shopper type of person. I don’t really enjoy shopping at any time of the year but Christmas really gets me irritated and grumpy. My husband decided for some ungodly reason I had to accompany him  on his little shopping spree as he searched for gifts for his Secret Santa person. Now that the children are all adults we have decided that instead of buying little things for every member of our family–which can get pricey depending on who is in the family that year–we would instead draw names of those that wish to participate in our Secret Santa exchange. Each person puts their name on a slip of paper and lists five things they would like to have for a gift. Names get put into a bowl and we try to do  the drawing at Thanksgiving when we are all together.  We decided that a $100 limit was reasonable but that no one had to actually spend that much of course! Then we all get together at Christmas , have dinner, and open gifts. It is fun to see who got who and what they purchased for their giftee.  Of course the grand kids make out like bandits since everyone buys for them and we all have a great time together.

I love buying presents.  But I am also not one who can buy something ahead of time and hope to keep it hidden until it’s time to give the gift. I want to give it to them NOW!! This year, however, I am not participating since I have several bills I need to catch up and I didn’t feel it was responsible of me to spend that money on gifts, so going shopping with the hubby totally sucked as I saw lots of things I wanted to buy but could not . Sigh. And he didn’t get why I was grumpy. Really?

So tonight is the annual Saddle Club Christmas party and I really am not in a festive mood. I am dressed and ready to go and I am sure I will enjoy it once I am there–the little kids get a visit from Cowboy Santa, who distributes toys to them that their parents clandestinely bring in innocuous bags so that they can have a little Christmas cheer before the big day. It is a great photo-op and last year DriDri stole the show afterwards by singing the theme song from Frozen with great gusto and not much else into a mic she stole from one of the bigger kids! She isn’t with us this year and I miss her a lot. Hopefully we will get her after Christmas but  it is still hard to not have her here with us for another holiday.

So yeah–I am in a bah humbug mood this year. I will go through the motions and hope that I will get a little more in the spirit of the holiday as Christmas draws nigh  but for now I am not feeling it. I purchased one gift this year for a friend from out-of-state who is probably less thrilled than even  I am with the holiday, hoping it will make him feel better.

So Merry Christmas to all and to all a Wonderful Holiday Season. Enjoy your family and friends and remember the reason we celebrate is not about gifts and tinsel and lights but because of a promise made so many years ago that came to be that one still night in a small town no one had even heard of before. “For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is  Christ the Lord.”  Peace.