Audio Book of the Month

I was going to write something about what’s going on here at the ranch these days, but what was going on today was fertility testing for the bulls.

Yeah. I’ll just let you think on the logistics of that for a moment. And when you get to the point of wondering “How the hell–“, throw in anal stimulation and a large test tube and that’s why you’re not getting pictures. I’m guessing this isn’t what most folks mean when they talk about the romance of the west.

“So let’s talk books instead!” she said brightly.

I finally broke down and gave a test drive, then of course had to buy the membership that lets me get one audiobook a month, no matter the purchase price. I used my very first credit to purchase The Spymaster’s Lady, a RITA award-winning novel by Joanna Bourne. Wow, did I get my money’s worth.

tsl2I should point out that I haven’t read Regency romances in forever. Nothing against them, I’ve just strayed into other genres. But I have had this one on my To Be Read list for a couple of years, since it was passionately recommended to me by Stephanie Feagan, who also wasn’t much of a historical reader but couldn’t stop raving because, as she put it, “This book is just so damn clever.”

She was right. Within the first thirty pages, Annique Villiers had shot onto my list of favorite leading ladies of all time. She is so dogged, and wry, and smart, and thoughtful, and damn near impossible to defeat. My wish is that every girl in the world could read and relate to a woman like this, who will survive at all costs, despise what she is forced to do in the process but refuse to let it define her.

And her point of view is so unique–a French patriot in the time of Napoleon, torn between hatred of the man and love for her country.  An enemy of the British forced to collude with them to achieve her ends. There are no easy answers for Annique, and her soul searching gives this character astounding depth.

To top all of that off, Kirsten Potter is incredible as the narrator. INCREDIBLE. To the point that I now go searching for audiobooks that she’s done, rather than by subject or author. Luckily, Audible provides a sample of every book, so you can hear for yourself:

The Spymaster’s Lady, Kirsten Potter narrating

Favorite line of this sample: “Pig!” she whispered to the closed door. But that was an insult to pigs. 

For more about Joanna Bourne and the rest of the books in the series, check out Or you can read a different excerpt of the book here, which will answer any questions you might have about how sexy this book is.

The answer is yes.

Kari Lynn Dell – Montana for Real