Attitude is Everything

Due to life, SAT’s, college, and Homecoming, I’m reposting a post I did for the Eat Read Rate blog. I’m trying to go with the flow. Not let this time crunch I’m under change my attitude. LOL  So I’m thinking this post is perfect and worth sharing again. 🙂

Attitude is Everything

This is true in sports, but also in life as

Hubby and I went to the Texans game last Sunday. It was a great game until the last three minutes. Texans were winning 20 to 3. They had played hard, worked together, made some awesome plays and put the points on the board.

After halftime though, something changed. Their attitude, maybe? They got too comfortable with the idea they had the game won already. That their work was done. And you guessed it. They lost. By three measly points in overtime.

One little mistake in the last minutes of the game turned the entire thing around. The quarterback threw the ball when he really should have just let himself be sacked. It might have hurt. A lot. But not as much as that one interception did. It was run back for a touchdown by the other team. After that, the Texans were plagued by mistakes. They just could not recover.

Moving on to my son. He’s a tough one. Tries hard. Aims to please, especially when it comes to tennis. The problem started on Wednesday afterschool at practice. He came home with his ankles and toes hurting to the point he could barely make it up the stairs. But he didn’t sit out during practice on Thursday. Nope he played. Hard. Went for a ball and heard something pop!

School trainers told him it was turf toe. To just tough it out. There was nothing he could do for it. It would heal on its own. So my son played in the tournament that day. Two matches, foot hurting, but toughing it out. Friday came and he was limping, but determined to get through his classes. After practice on Friday, he went to the trainers again. This time the trainer was a bit more concerned and called me, recommending I take him to the school’s doctors to get it checked out.

After x-rays on Saturday morning, we found out the true diagnoses. He has fractured his 2nd metatarsal on his left foot and will be in a boot and on crutches for four weeks. A fractured 2nd metatarsal!

I know you wondering where I’m going with these stories. LOL

Attitude. We all have it. It can work for the good or it can be our worst nightmare. For the Texans it was their worst nightmare. They let one mistake get the best of them. For my son, this experience has made him stronger. He pushed through the pain and almost won both those tennis matches. Yes, his life will be a bit more difficult for a while, but he didn’t let a setback keep him from doing what he loved. He took a risk. He had to know it was more than just a minor injury. But he’s been looking forward to this tournament since school started. It’s the only one the freshmen will play this fall. Was it worth it? If you ask him it was.

I have no doubt, he’ll be out of that boot early too because of his positive attitude and longing to play.  :)  Thank goodness attitude is not set in stone. We can work to change ours for the better.

How has your attitude, good or bad, affected an outcome for you?