Atonement by B.J. Daniels – A Review

One of the things from the Beartooth Mountain series that I adore, is author B.J. Daniels’ ability to weave multiple story lines together in a most masterful way. It keeps me biting my nails and waiting with bated breath for what’s coming next. All of the characters involved are in some way connected, and yet have their own trials and tribulations which for me, set apart Ms. Daniels into a league all her own.

In ATONEMENT, the 4th installment of the Beartooth Mountain series, the newer lawman in town, Dillon Lawson not only comes smack down in the middle of a murder in town, but he also is faced with a personal matter in the form of the feisty Tessa Winters, who swears that Dillon is in fact his deceased brother Ethan and claims she is pregnant by the man who is supposed to have died a year ago. Dillon shakes his head, because the woman in front of him is either a complete con artist or Ethan is in fact alive. Ah, and therein lies an entirely different set of issues that this man has to deal with, aside from the town’s Sheriff being accused of murdering his ex-wife.

Finally things are starting to look up for Frank and Nettie. Separated by a lifetime of disappointments, these star-crossed lovers have been in love with one another for decades but from afar. Nothing ever seemed to work for these two until now. Things are starting to look brighter now that Frank returns to work after his near death experience several months before at the hand of the daughter he didn’t even know he had. Now he is under suspicion for the murder of his ex.

There is nothing better than a B.J. Daniels suspense novel for this reader. She puts my brain into high gear with her exciting whodunit with a side of romance. I love how we have the new story with Dillon and Tessa and the old with Frank and Nettie. With each story in the Beartooth Mountain series, I have become invested in the livelihoods of all those involved, the characters feel like old friends who you have a stake in their well-being. I highly recommend ATONEMENT by B.J. DANIELS, I enjoyed this thoroughly, as I did with each and every book in the Beartooth Mountain series and I eagerly await the next one.


4.5 Hearts