Armed and Fabulous

I picked this e-book up through my Nook’s free book site. It is the first book in the Lexi Graves Mysteries. I was intrigued enough by the blurb introducing the book that I decided to give it a shot. I have actually been pleasantly surprised by the quality of many of the books I have gotten this way, and Camilla Chafer’s “Armed & Fabulous” is definitely one that didn’t disappoint!

Lexi Graves comes from a long line of cops. Practically every one of the men in her family are or have been cops, including her three brothers and her dad. Her sister Serena chose to go to Harvard and become an accountant—a very well-paid, high-class accountant—while Lexi just drifts from one temp job to the next, never settling into a permanent career. Lexi’s life is pretty boring until the evening she stumbles upon the dead body of the vice president her present employer at Green Hand Insurance. She discovers that the hunky new manager is actually an undercover cop investigating her boss and the company for apparent insurance fraud. Soon Lexi finds herself embroiled in the increasingly dangerous mission as bodies begin to fall with alarming regularity in her general vicinity and the excitement of being undercover turns to fear of her own imminent demise. Fortunately Lexi’s sexy undercover cop Adam and his equally smoking hot partner Solomon are there to protect her from the bad guys. Torn between one guy who makes her feel safe and one guy who is incredibly gorgeous eye candy but who spells out DANGER in capital letters, Lexi must figure out who is behind the fraud case if she hopes to stay alive to enjoy either man.

I really loved the characters in this book. Lexi is smart without being obnoxious, sweet without being cloying, and sexy in an understated way. Her best friend Lily has the hots for Lexi’s brother who will only look but refuses to date her, much to Lily and Lexi’s frustration. Lexi is self-sufficient and has incredible observation skills, making her perfect for the job of undercover spy, despite Solomon’s obvious misgivings. What I found most intriguing about the story is her attraction to both of the men set to guard her. Adam is a cop, whose life Lexi understands since she grew up a cop’s daughter. He makes her feel safe and warm and protected. However, she can’t help but be drawn to Solomon’s dark and dangerous good-looks, even though she knows he isn’t the staying kind. What does she want—the man who will be home every night and build a home with her, or the excitement of a fling with a man who is puts her into sexual overload but who also may be gone tomorrow?

Imagine my delight when I discovered this is only the first book of three in the series! I have already purchased the second book which I can assure you is just as exciting as the first! I can’t wait to find out if Lexi does finally succumb to Solomon’s dark seduction or if she stays with Adam and his warmth. “Armed & Fabulous” is available on both Nook and Kindle. Order it up today!