Arizona Bound

We pulled into the camp outside of Aguila, Arizona Sunday night. At home, the weather outside is frightful, but here, although the locals are complaining of the frigid weather, it is delightful to a girl from the Northwest.


As we shopped in Wickenburg, every store clerk asked how we were faring with the temperature in the high forties, low fifties. They were bundled up with sweathers, scarves and boots while my sister and I wore T-shirts. It’s all in your perspective, I guess.

Each year, when we arrive in Arizona, I take a deep breath and blow away all the tension of my normal life in Oregon. Not that it’s bad there, there is just something about being in the desert, away from people and traffic that calms my soul. The warm weather doesn’t hurt either.


Our agenda is pretty open. My sister and I have two weeks before we go home for Christmas and plan to see Sedona, the cliff dwellings and whatever else we can find. After the first of the year, hubs and I will make the return trip and stay a couple of months. We’ll stay until we can at least see the promise of spring.

What about you? Do you have a place that speaks to your soul? How often do you get to visit?