Aquarium my word of the day

I sat down to write my blog, and You Know Who Interrupted. He planted a kiss on my cheek, and said, “Whatcha writing about?”

My reply, “I don’t know yet. Give me a word.”

My husband of thirty-two years straightened and with an I’ve-got-you-grin said, “Aquarium.”

Sometimes he makes it too easy.

I love, love, love aquariums – possibly stems back that I grew up in the desert and Farmington, New Mexico and never saw an ocean until I went to Sea World around nine or ten. I fell in love with the trainers and the way they cared for and loved the animal life and trained dolphins and walruses. And don’t get me started on the Orcas.

Jean and meIf a city I visit has an aquarium, I do my best to visit. I am a landlubber through and through. One of the best aquarium visits I went to was with my buddy Jean Willett. Atlanta Georgia has a fantastic aquarium, and the trainers/employees in that city put on a brilliant presentation (which they wouldn’t let us film, darn it.) There was also a fantastic tribute to the companies that contributed to their facility and all they did to call awareness into the pollution of the oceans. UPS, believe it or not, was mentioned as a key donor and key protector of the ocean.

I’ve been on glass bottom boats in Florida, which lets us explore the reefs and what the ocean floor looks like. Isn’t that an aquarium at its finest? On these visits, the instructors told us why it’s soooo important to protect these reefs to maintain our oceans, and the life within, plant and animal. That’s why you don’t take pieces of reef home as souvenirs – you protect it, and if you get a chance, live there or go visit.

On occasion, aquariums get a bad rap. But for us people who don’t live by the ocean or don’t have a chance to see them, aquariums are a marvelous connection that this world is bigger than our little respective domains.

Aquarium. Thanks Les for giving me the word of the day.

“I write so I know what I’m thinking.” ~ Flannery O’Connor.