Any Volunteers?

img_20150222_142324-1Last night my husband came home from the AGM of an amateur theater company and said, “I’m the new treasurer.” Okay? (!)  Granted, this was a little unexpected as he only joined recenlty, although if I’m honest, it wasn’t a total surprise.  Ever since I met him, he’s been volunteering in some shape or form; in fact I met him volunteering.

It’s a GREAT way to meet people!


The Lowe family (that’s his family) have a long history with volunteering with the Red Cross. His mother

Unknown-8was a voluneteer hospital driver…transporting patients to appointments. He’s always been an avid blood donor for the Red Cross and for a long time he donated plasma every three weeks. He’s a bit PO’d that our trip to Papua New Guinea last year has put the kybosh on that for three years due to a strain of malaria up there that they can’t detect ona blood test. Had he known, I think he would have said no to the trip!

We’ve both served on a variety of school boards from kindergarten to high school and we’ve cooked a shirt-load of sausages to raise funds for everything from Boy Scouts to Sailing Club. I’m currently the membership officier of the  sailing support group and the photo up top that was our tent at the school fair last weekend.

1348861796378_3149754We’ve met some great people over the years, forged friendships, learned the type of people we want to work with on a committee and exactly who we don’t want to work with! There have been times when the workload has seemed more than the paid job and yes, there have been times when wine has been drunk after some meetings 😉  However, the academics from the University of Pennsylvania  and the positive psychology gurus all say that we gain way  more from volunteering and giving than the groups or people we help. Volunteering connects us and as social beings, we need to be connected.

In all of my books, my hero or heroine are involved in their community in some shape or form. In Career Girl in the Country, Poppy starts a community choir for women,  in The Playboy Doctor’s Marriage Proposal, Emily is organizing the Red Cross’s Desperate and Dateless Valentine’s Ball and in …well you get the picture. I won’t list all 27 of of my books 😉

As our sons are almost grown, our volunteering will soon be moving away from school and back to where we started, so DH being the treasurer of a community theater group is very apt. It was exactly what he was doing when I met him 30 years ago.

Do you volunteer?