Another New Project On Four Legs

Well, I’ve done it again…I have a new project horse but this one has a pretty special history.


Dynamic Host is a nine-year old retired race horse by Dynaformer. Dynaformer won $671,207 on the track, and sired the 2006 Kentucky Derby winner, Barbaro. Dynaformer had an enormous will to win but along with that he was also difficult to deal with. For instance, one tale states Dynaformer bit a groom’s finger off.

Although somewhat nippy when he does get aggrevated, fortunately Dynamic Host, a gelding, is not quite that bad. He did however, inherit his sire’s will to win earning over $300,000 on the track during his racing career. While in training with California Chrome’s trainer, Art Sherman, Dynamic Host won the Tokyo City Cup.

Upon retirement, Dynamic Host was entered into the Retired Race Horse Project where newly retired race horses compete in a new discipline for a chance at $100,000. The Retired Race Horse Project was started as a way to showcase the Thoroughbred’s ability to perform in other disciplines in an effort to lower the number of Thoroughbred horses that wind up at slaughter houses. Once a horse is officially retired from the track, they can not be raced again. This gives those retired horses a new avenue to a new career.

Dynamic Host came to Prancing Pony Farm, owned by Julie and Justina Faunt of Riceville, Tennessee.  Their trainer at the time took on Dynamic Host’s training but unfortunately he did not make the time limit to compete in the Retired Race Horse Makeover.

The middle of September, Dynamic Host came to my place, Fairweather Farm to further his training. My goal is to put a solic foundation on him and see just how far he’ll go as an Eventing Prospect.

At this point, we’re working on simple things like learning to load calmly and willingly on the trailer, or lowering his head for the halter. In the end however, I truly believe with everything I am that this horse is a great horse and will excel at anything you put in front of him. He’s not only a beautiful mover with an enormous presence, he’s also extremely intelligent and willing – if you ask the right way. Like his sire, he doesn’t put up with a whole lot!

I’ve enjoyed getting to be a part of this horse’s continued story and I’m looking forward to his future! I’m sure too that there will be at least one book that comes out of all this!